Weight Loss And Motivation

Weight Loss And Motivation

It should be noted that the​ key to​ a​ successful exercise program is​ perseverance. This means that you need to​ commit to​ it​ for the​ long haul—in fact,​ it​ is​ best if​ you commit to​ it​ for the​ rest of​ your life. Certainly,​ it​ can be difficult at​ times. But in​ the​ end,​ it​ is​ well worth the​ effort you exert.

Staying motivated may begin with having a​ tangible goal. For instance,​ if​ you are basically inactive when you start your program,​ you should aim to​ burn off 500 calories a​ week. if​ you are fairly active when you start exercising,​ your goal should be 1,​000 calories. But you must also have a​ long-term goal. This might be doubling the​ amount of​ calories you burn within six months of​ commencing your exercise program.

You might consider starting an​ exercise log. Here,​ you will record exactly what kind of​ aerobic,​ anaerobic,​ and stretching exercises you do each week. Be sure to​ include the​ number of​ repetitions you’re performing with each exercise. This way,​ you’ll have a​ concrete chart for your progress. Seeing how well you’re doing can be truly inspiring and can keep you going when you find it​ difficult to​ go on.

Another effective motivational strategy is​ to​ join a​ group that engages in​ some kind of​ exercise. For instance,​ you might become a​ mall-walker or​ you might find a​ local square dance club to​ join. Other possibilities include hiking groups,​ golfing groups,​ softball teams,​ or​ even ping-pong teams. the​ fact that you are part of​ a​ social network will help to​ keep you motivated.

You might try psyching yourself out by using a​ computer screensaver which says,​ “Get moving.” or​ you might post a​ “get moving” sign on​ your refrigerator. in​ other words,​ you should be constantly reminded of​ the​ value of​ exercise. You might also invest in​ home exercise equipment such as​ a​ treadmill,​ elliptical trainer,​ or​ free weights. the​ amount of​ money you spend could be a​ powerful incentive for making sure that you use the​ equipment on​ a​ regular basis. You should also place the​ equipment in​ a​ prominent place so that you have to​ pass it​ often. After a​ while,​ you’ll find no excuse not to​ exercise.

You might also consider investing in​ exercise videos or​ DVDs. These allow you the​ convenience of​ exercising in​ the​ privacy of​ your own home. They can also give you an​ electronic “exercise buddy” who can help keep you inspired even on​ rainy days when you don’t feel like exercising at​ all.

Another effective idea is​ to​ place your athletic shoes near the​ door so that you are reminded of​ the​ need to​ walk rather than drive. You might also consider rewarding yourself for keeping with your exercise program. Your reward could be as​ elaborate as​ a​ cruise or​ as​ small as​ a​ treat from the​ dollar store. the​ idea is​ to​ make sure that your accomplishment is​ celebrated.

While we’re on​ the​ topic of​ celebration,​ seriously consider throwing a​ party once you’ve reached an​ exercise milestone. You can serve nutritious snacks and beverages and even encourage your guests to​ come in​ their athletic wear in​ order to​ build upon the​ party’s theme. Sharing your joy can help to​ motivate you to​ continue your physical activities.

It should be said that there is​ no right way to​ exercise. But you do need to​ make sure that whatever you do is​ effective and that you’re sufficiently motivated to​ do it. By following just a​ few simple tips,​ you can ensure that your exercise routine is​ not just a​ fad,​ that it​ will continue over the​ long term. Remember that you may face setbacks from time to​ time,​ but that shouldn’t stop you from continuing to​ try to​ reach your exercise goals.

Weight Loss And Motivation

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