Weight Loss And Exercise In Tough Environmental Conditions

Weight Loss And Exercise In Tough Environmental Conditions

Working out is​ working out,​ right?


Depending on​ the​ environmental conditions where you
live,​ there may be extra precautions that you'll want to​ consider when trying to​ lose weight by following a​ healthy diet and weight loss program.

High Altitudes

High altitude environments have less available oxygen then those closer to​ sea level. One of​ the​ effects of​ such altitude is​ that the​ heart must beat faster in​ order to​ do the​ job of​ delivering oxygen to​ the​ muscle tissues both while active and at​ rest.

Depending on​ the​ specific altitude and corresponding acitivity,​ heart rates may soar as​ high as​ 50% above normal. Also,​ side effects like hyperventilation,​ dizziness,​ insomnia,​ weakness,​ headache,​ and irratability are also common in​ such an​ environment.

Because of​ these possible outcomes,​ people who exercise in​ high altitudes will definitely want to​ consult a​ local physician for clearance before beginning their weight loss exercise program,​ and may want to​ lower the​ intensity of​ their weight loss cardiovascular activity---especially if​ they are beginners.

People living in​ high altitudes will also want to​ get medical clearance before trying any diet pills,​ diet patch,​ or​ any other weight loss product(s) that may elevate the​ heart rate to​ eliminate risk of​ more complicated health concerns.

Exercising in​ Extreme Heat

Under normal circumstances,​ the​ body's temperature is​ at​ or​ around 98°. in​ areas that have very high temperatures (around 100° or​ more),​ the​ body must adjust to​ maintain the​ proper temperature by transferring some of​ its heat back into the​ environment.

The primary result of​ this reaction is​ that he heart rate will be higher than normal,​ similar to​ the​ effect of​ being in​ high altitudes. to​ best aid the​ body in​ maintaining its normalcy under such conditions,​ make sure to​ drink 3 to​ 6 oz. of​ water for every 10 to​ 15 minutes of​ weight loss activity and allowing as​ much sweat to​ evaporate as​ possible. it​ is​ also important to​ wear as​ close to​ 100% cotton garments as​ well as​ stray away from rubberized or​ water-proof garments that will prevent sweat evaporation. Light colors should also be worn.

Exercising in​ the​ Cold

To the​ surprise as​ many,​ water replenishment is​ just as​ important in​ the​ cold as​ it​ is​ in​ much warmer environments.

The fact of​ the​ matter is​ that water is​ lost as​ vapor as​ inhaled during cardiovascular exercise and other activities that help you to​ ultimately lose weight. There is​ also a​ risk of​ losing too much body heat once you are done exercising.

To best be prepared to​ exercise in​ order to​ lose weight fast while living in​ cold environments,​ make sure to​ dress in​ layers to​ insulate body heat and drink plenty of​ water. Also wear a​ hat to​ limit the​ amount of​ body heat that escapes through the​ head,​ which is​ where most body heat is​ lost from.

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Weight Loss And Exercise In Tough Environmental Conditions

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