Weight Loss And Dieting Plan

Weight Loss And Dieting Plan

Many of​ us like to​ ask some general questions about their weight and dieting plan.As I know ,​ in​ the​ middle ages a​ fat lady was supposed to​ be the​ symbol of​ fertile mother earth and thus was considered beautiful. But now circumstances have been changed like,​ a​ women who walked with the​ heavy step of​ an​ elephant and solid busts considered less attractive and the​ idea to​ be as​ thin as​ a​ bamboo pole with solid busts came to​ be more attractive.

Many have suggestions that this concept arises after world war I and II,​ due to​ the​ scarcity of​ food,​ it​ became fashionable to​ look slim and trim.Some good suggestions for weight reduction are do not eat between meals( For this you can take help of​ diet pills like Phentermine etc.),​ espicially not all those chips munched before the​ TV. it​ can badly affect your appetite and can ruin your skin too.Fried things,​ not vegetables like potatoes,​pastries and cakes are definitely no no!! Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. if​ you can't resist yourself between meal snacking then you can satisfy your hunger with salads and fruit. I heard from one of​ my friend that he lost 4Kg in​ a​ month with the​ Israeli army diet. First 2 days only apples,​ the​ next two days only cheese and the​ last 2 daysonly boiled chicken.No tea or​ cofee or​ any other liquids,​ except water or​ fresh juice. But if​ your grand parents and parents are fat,​ how do you expect to​ looklike Naomi Campbell?Sometimes thyroid gland secretions alos cause extreme obesity or​ extreme thinness.But if​ you maintain your diet taking some appetite suppressants,​ you can reduce your weight. a​ normal person need about 2000 calories per day and if​ you reduce to​ 1000 calories,​ you will lose weight. Calories are in​ butter,​ cheese,​ pastries,​ cakes,​puddings,​sweets,​soups,​ sauces,​ cocoa chocolate,​ dried beans and dried fruit.Less calories are found in​ spinach,​ fresh fruit and salad. green leafy vegetables have less calories.

Some people say that exercising like cycling can make fat legs slim and trim. But according to​ me exercise makes matters worse. Avoid cycling which is​ a​ muscle-developing exercise. Even swimming and dancing aggravates matters. Exercise is​ under 2 headings: reducing and developing. People used to​ think if​ you drink plenty of​ water,​ you would become slim,​ but sometimes it​ does exactly the​ opposite. You retain water and that makes up fat.

Many people wants to​ firm up their stomach. For this you have to​ learn to​ brace it​ in​ and up,​ and you should not let it​ sag,​ like as​ if​ you are dropping it​ into a​ bag at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ tummy?The style of​ walking with the​ tummy-in behind-in by models is​ an​ exercise in​ itself. Do not walk with shoulders hunched.The tummy should be up and in​ ,​ and the​ hips slightly forward. Also while walking,​ take a​ deep breath and pull your tummy muscle in. Exhale slowly,​ but do not let your tummy out. This will will remind you sagging all over the​ place! Sometime I stand before the​ bathroom mirror while I am washing my face or​ anything else,​ and I can see the​ pull in​ tummy exercise playing on​ the​ abdominal-muscles. Learn to​ do it​ automatically.But it​ is​ tiring to​ lift up your tummy like that because you are not used to​ using those muscles,​ but when it​ becomes second nature,​ it​ becomes easier. There are several exercises for the​ tummy. Lie flat,​ breathing deeply in​ and out. Divide each breath into 3 little jerks,​ pulling your tummy in​ at​ each little jerk. Let your breath out without buging the​ tummy. Do this in​ the​ few groups of​ 6,​ with a​ good rest in​ between.Lie down flat,​ hook your feet under a​ piece of​ furniture and put your hands under the​ head. Then try to​ rise to​ a​ sitting position without lifting the​ feet from the​ floor. Lie down flat keeping the​ knees straight and the​ toes pointing forwards. Move your feet so that the​ toes pointing up and,​ at​ the​ same time lift up the​ head to​ look. Then relax. Repeat the​ exercise 7 times. Some exercise about the​ ever expanding hips. Crouch with arms hunched about knees,​ as​ if​ you are getting ready to​ run a​ marathon. Then sway your body to​ and fro,​ backwards and forwards with emphasis on​ the​ leg muscles. You can also lie face down on​ the​ floor,​,​ with the​ chin resting on​ the​ back of​ your hands. Then slowly lift your head up from the​ ground,​ which is​ quite difficult because at​ the​ same time you are trying to​ lift up your legs,​ one at​ a​ time also! Do this very slowly.

Now come to​ the​ thunder thighs. Actually they look extremly nasty instead of​ tasty. So that is​ why I am giving you a​ real nasty dose of​ exercises. Lie on​ your back and double your knees to​ your chest.Keep your feet together,​ then shoot both the​ legs about to​ right. Then slowly pendulum-wise,​ rotateyour legs to​ the​ left and then to​ original position again. Rotate your legs this way about 7 times to​ each side.Rest for a​ minute and then do some ait bicycling,​ with yourself still lying down. See,​ how a​ baby rotates its legs,​ follow the​ same procedure.A easy exercise for the​ thighs is​ stand straight,​ swing and touch your toes,​ left-right. Good fro your waist,​ good for your thighs.

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