Weight Loss The All Natural Way Without Gimmicks

Weight Loss The All Natural Way Without Gimmicks

If you type up Weight Loss in​ a​ keyword tracker tool or​ in​ a​ search engine like Google,​ you will be alarmed to​ see how many searches in​ a​ day are being done on​ this subject alone. Take www.submitexpress.com for example,​ put ‘weight loss’ in​ their word tracking device; you will see that on​ a​ daily basis,​ more than 5000 searches are being done on​ how to​ lose weight.

However,​ this shouldn’t be alarming,​ I mean the​ average person does have the​ desire to​ be liked,​ sought after and popular. This might explain why we​ are so captivated with celebrities and perhaps why we​ at​ times blindly follow whatever fad or​ trend they might propagate in​ the​ quest to​ lose weight and be slimmer,​ sometimes at​ the​ cost of​ our own health.

An observation of​ Nature will show that no animal free of​ captivity is​ upholstered with excess weight and are oft times very fit,​ agile and sharp. This is​ because unlike man,​ all animals adhere to​ the​ simple laws of​ nature to​ maintain health which include eating the​ right foods for your type and getting adequate exercise. Well these are the​ basic laws,​ others might include getting sufficient rest,​ getting sunshine,​ interacting with others.

There are so many myths and fads that promise to​ aid you in​ losing weight that when they are intelligently dissected will make you wonder what ever made you think to​ give them a​ shot,​ which is​ part of​ the​ reasons why I am writing this to​ inform you that as​ the​ slogan of​ my site on​ drugless healing says: “if one way is​ true,​ it​ is​ the​ way of​ nature”.
Moreover,​ Nature bows at​ no alter,​ seeks neither praise nor applause,​ she only asks for a​ hearing,​ my friends.

For weight loss,​ your best bet will be to​ embrace the​ three limbs of​ Naturopathy:

-Proper Exercise

-Proper Diet

-Positive Thinking.

Now I will explain each one in​ brief detail:


Now,​ there was a​ time,​ like almost everyone,​ that I assumed big and inflated muscles meant fitness and health. Wrong. Maybe it​ might depict strength-to a​ degree and that,​ for only a​ while,​ but you ask anybody about one of​ the​ greatest martial artists of​ all time,​ Bruce Lee,​ here was a​ guy who was said to​ do a​ thousand (1000) push-ups and other feats of​ strength and any picture of​ him shows he was not a​ blown up mass of​ muscle waiting to​ atrophy and deflate as​ is​ the​ case with most fitness experts and body-builders using artificial supplements,​ I mean look at​ the​ agedness depicted across their faces most of​ the​ time.

This leads one to​ conclude that for exercise,​ basic Aerobic-with oxygen-exercises (such as​ walking,​ jogging,​ and dancing) and Anaerobic-without oxygen-exercises (such as​ push ups,​ pull-ups,​ dips,​ using the​ ab-wheel and weight lifting for body builders) can be sufficient without the​ use of​ synthetic products. For those who want an​ exercise for the​ mind as​ well as​ the​ body,​ Yoga definitely is​ unmatched.

From my experience,​ if​ you were to​ do the​ Sun Salutations (hailed in​ Yoga,​ Martial Arts and African Wrestling as​ the​ ‘best exercise for humans’) which have been passed down from centuries with a​ proper and sensible diet,​ which I will be explaining soon,​ you are well on​ your way to​ weight loss and strength.

Some Indians perform about a​ 100 plus rounds of​ this marvelous exercise on​ a​ daily basis and have immense fitness,​ strength,​ agility and virility. Add some other poses like the​ inversions (Shoulder-Stand),​ Forward Bends (Head to​ Knee Pose),​ Backward bends,​ Balancing Poses (arguably the​ best exercises to​ tone the​ arms,​ abdomen and restore a​ sense of​ balance and self confidence in​ humans who practice them) and you are bound to​ see the​ immense results. Speaking of​ emulating celebrities,​ well did you know Sting,​ Madonna,​ Russell Simmons,​ Beyonce and Prince all practice some form of​ Yoga and need I mention how fit and good they look?

I could go on​ and on​ about Abdominal exercises and Breathing Exercises of​ the​ Yoga genre (which in​ the​ case of​ the​ latter is​ also EXTREMELY effective for weight loss) but that will be another subject in​ itself,​ the​ bottom line is: in​ my opinion,​ exercises that use the​ body’s weight for resistance such as​ Yoga,​ Calisthenics and Pilates are arguably the​ best for the​ human body.

Have you ever seen a​ chimpanzee lifting rocks repeatedly? Yet that distant cousin of​ humans can rip a​ door off a​ car and is​ easily 8 times stronger than an​ average modern day human. Still,​ if​ we​ share about 98% DNA with this primate (as well as​ other apes),​ its evidence to​ make one wonder how much healthier and fit we​ would be by adhering and living as​ close as​ possible to​ Nature’s laws of​ diet and exercise.


-“You are what you eat” (Anonymous)

-“Let your foods be your medicine and your medicine your food” (Hippocrates,​ the​ father of​ medicine)

-“Every herb bearing seed and every tree bearing fruit with seed in​ it​ shall be yours for food” (Gen 1:29)

From these radical quotes above,​ it​ should be plain to​ see that most modern day meals and mixtures are totally against Nature’s intent for us as​ humans for fitness,​ agility and strength. it​ will be safe to​ say that if​ you want to​ lose weight,​ re-read these three quotes and the​ proper diet will stare you right in​ the​ face: Fruits and Vegetables.

Admittedly,​ and you can take this from a​ guy who was a​ raw vegan for several months,​ (Now,​ I mostly fast and eat mono meals of​ fruit and raw or​ cooked vegetables every other day) that might be kind of​ hard to​ accomplish or​ adhere to. Well,​ if​ you approach it​ the​ wrong way,​ being radical in​ nature and as​ with all things that don’t have a​ strong foundation,​ you may be bound to​ fail.

The good news is​ there are several books on​ the​ subject of​ this kind of​ a​ diet and though adequately addressed in​ the​ core e-book of​ my site,​ you can type up Vegan Diets,​ Raw Vegan Diets,​ Vegetarianism in​ any search engine to​ be educated-to a​ degree- on​ the​ subject. I have experimented with each of​ the​ three kinds of​ diets and have been on​ the​ Standard American diet and am now of​ the​ firm belief that the​ first two and maybe the​ third if​ done sensibly and wisely are the​ best for humans,​ period!

I touched on​ the​ subjects of​ internal cleanliness and non-animal product diets in​ my article available in​ my blog and some article directories under the​ title “Is a​ Low-Carb,​ High Protein diet the​ best for weight loss?” but I will briefly state again that based on​ the​ quotes above,​ and the​ facts that this diet has been proven countless times to​ be the​ best (Ask Bill Pearlman-four times Mr. Universe winner!),​ without the​ need for much of​ an​ argument,​ a​ diet free of​ animal products is​ simply the​ best for humans.

For an​ idea of​ a​ daily menu,​ you can look for my article “How to​ Cure Acne in​ 10 days” in​ some of​ the​ major article directories online,​ last time Google did its spider crawl,​ it​ came up in​ most of​ them but I also put in​ my blog for my readers just in​ case.

I’ll leave you with this factor to​ consider though on​ the​ subject of​ proper diet,​ based on​ the​ anthropological approach of​ several authors of​ Naturopathy,​ and from simple observations,​ we​ as​ primates,​ just like our distant cousins,​ the​ great apes,​ are frugivores,​ eaters of​ mainly fruits and green leaves and it​ cannot be a​ co-incidence that these substances make up the​ mucus-less or​ alkaline forming foods that even science has proven to​ be the​ best for human life and of​ course,​ weight loss.


Some quotes from perhaps the​ most rugged book ever put together,​ that being the​ Bible,​ bring to​ mind just how important it​ is​ to​ think positively-and wisely so-in any endeavor one is​ undertaking. “As a​ man thinks in​ his heart; so is​ he…” and “Guard your heart for it​ is​ the​ wellspring of​ life”. That stated,​ what you constantly think over and over is​ eventually what comes to​ pass.

The mind has such powers that are beyond human comprehension at​ times,​ but according to​ the​ author of​ the​ “Power of​ Positive Thinking”,​ Dr. Norman Vincent Peale,​ “You are what you are now based on​ your thoughts five years ago and will be in​ five years what you constantly think of​ yourself now.”

Although one’s thoughts are very important,​ without taking the​ steps to​ act on​ them (of course when they are constructive and positive) they do end up being a​ waste,​ but your reading this article does depict a​ desire to​ want to​ improve yourself be it​ through weight loss or​ any other factor.

Like with any journey in​ life,​ of​ course,​ you will have times when you may want to​ give up,​ lose faith or​ focus and consequently get off the​ path to​ success,​ which may explain why most people fail at​ diets and fads in​ the​ quest of​ losing weight,​ well,​ my friend,​ you will have to​ literally tune your thinking to​ be positive so as​ to​ overcome the​ doubts and fears as​ you go about accomplishing your goals. it​ honestly will be easier applying the​ two other limbs of​ drugless healing above for weight loss as​ they do go hand-in-hand.

In conclusion,​ forget the​ fads and hypes. For a​ healing program to​ be successful at​ anything,​ especially weight loss,​ it​ must cover the​ three limbs of​ health: diet,​ exercise and positive thinking. it​ is​ my hope that this article will show you how to​ choose the​ best methods of​ attaining not only weight loss,​ but fitness and health on​ the​ inside and out.

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