Web Site Traffic Promotion 7 Terrific Traffic Ideas That Dont Include SEO Jvs And The Expensive Ppc

Traffic? Have you​ been banging your head against the​ wall trying to​ come up with ways to​ increase your website traffic without emptying your bank account?. Yes we know that PPC can lose you​ thousands of​ dollars,​ unless you​ are on​ of​ the​ lucky few who posses the​ Undercoverprofit membership or​ google adwords miracle.Plus SEO is​ very expensive and time consuming unless of​ course you​ have search great yet very expensive tools like SEO ELITE.

Then the​ JV,​ oh that intimidating process of​ contacting the​ gurus to​ JV with you​ ,​ then coupled with rejection letters. I guess you​ have experienced it​ if​ you​ have stayed online for some length of​ time.
So what do you​ do when in​ such a​ dilemma? Yet you​ need loads of​ traffic to​ make money online?

Remember,​ we are talking about targeted traffic. Laser targeted,​ highly motivated customers ready to​ whip out their wallets and input their credit cards. you​ are searching for El Dorado. you​ know it's there. You've read that others have found it. There is​ a​ path and it​ starts here.

Below are five diverse methods that you​ start to​ use to​ drive targeted customers to​ your site with the​ knowledge you​ gain here.

1. Join the​ world and start a​ blog! Blogging is​ the​ craze of​ this internet generation. a​ blog is​ online diary that can be easily updated. Your readers can even leave comments or​ answer polls. By just setting one up you​ create another link into your site. People love blogs and love to​ read what others have to​ say. By creating a​ blog on​ a​ subject related to​ your website you​ already have targeted visitors who won’t hesitate to​ click onto your website if​ they want to​ learn more information.

Setting one up is​ extremely easy and most blog websites are free. I recommend trying out Blogger.com as​ it’s operated by Google. Also,​ by setting up a​ blog on​ Blogger.com you​ can almost guarantee you’ll be picked up by Google spiders quicker than if​ you​ manually submitted your website to​ them. Although there are great advantages to​ posting to​ a​ Blogger site you​ always want to​ have a​ blog hosted on​ your own site. Blogger will take down sites and sometimes for no apparent reason. you​ can lose all your data and traffic in​ seconds. Apart from blogger,​ I have personnally used wordpress successfully. the​ first time I opened up my word press blog,​ I made two sales that day. And these were highly priced items. the​ unfortunate thing is​ that I got this blog deleted or​ removed by word press for reasons I did not even know.

I cannot access it​ now. May be it​ is​ my computer. it​ was located at​ http://www.softerdreams.wordpress.com if​ it​ is​ still there,​ you​ can send me an​ email to​ tell me.

2- Have you​ seen the​ next thing to​ bloging? I do not know what to​ call it,​ but it​ is​ called a​ lense. you​ simply open up a​ lense,​and post any message relating to​ your topic or​ business. Provided you​ update it​ every day,​ people will visit this lense even from places you​ never expected. at​ your lens,​ you​ only post little information about your product or​ website and then point the​ reader to​ your product webpage. in​ other words,​ a​ lens is​ just a​ starting point for surfers,​ not the​ finishing point. So your offer is​ the​ finishing point.

Lenses rank really highly in​ google,​ often #1 for non-competitive search terms,​ and tags help your lens come up for SPECIFIC search terms.

What you​ have to​ keep in​ mind is​ your probable visitor's mind before he/she finds your lense. What might a​ person new to​ your subject search for? Might they type a​ QUESTION into google?

For example,​ someone might type: Vitamin booster? if​ you​ had this as​ a​ tag on​ your vitamin booster lens then you​ would probably come up quite high!

Do you​ have a​ lens about camera memory cards? Maybe this would be a​ good tag: what memory cards work with cameraX. Not everybody is​ going to​ search google for that,​ but those who do will probably find you.

So you​ have to​ think foward.Will anyone in​ your target audience type a​ QUESTION into google? What might they type? Think of​ some examples,​ and add them as​ tags!

You can start up your own lens at​ Squidoo in​ only five minutes and it​ is​ free. Plus check out my own make money online lens here (Feel free to​ contact me when you​ experience any dificult in​ setting up your lens

3. Make forums related to​ your niche,​ your daily destination. There are people talking about your niche on​ any number of​ forums and groups. Join several and provide accurate content rich answers to​ their questions. Be seen as​ a​ helper,​ someone who is​ truly interested in​ the​ topic and the​ people. Do not spam. Do not advertise but place your site in​ your signature line. You'll be pleasantly surprised at​ the​ number of​ good customers you'll receive. if​ people are motivated enough to​ join a​ forum or​ group to​ discuss their issue then they most likely are motivated to​ find good information. the​ other advantage is​ that your will also gain a​ lot of​ knowledge from the​ experts in​ your niche. All the​ gurus in​ your niche usually hang out in​ forums. So if​ you​ need to​ rub shoulders with them,​ it​ is​ good you​ go there.

*Important though * Remember you​ also have to​ give the​ impression of​ an​ expert in​ your niche when answering questions. So you​ should not openly ask questions. Be the​ contributor. But if​ you​ need so of​ your questions answered,​ what I usually do is​ identify the​ epert and PM him /her. That way,​ your inefficiencies are not known by the​ public.

3.Bum Market to​ get targeted traffic. Well,​bum marketing is​ a​ very wide topic that has recently taken trend. it​ so wide that I cannot discuss it​ in​ this volume. But briefly,​ bum marketing is​ article marketing to​ earn money.What you​ do is​ to​ do research on​ keywords,​ I recommend keyword elite. Then you​ identify the​ key words with little competition ( not above 15000) but some good searches performed on​ it​ in​ a​ recent month. Then you​ go to​ click bank,​ choose a​ product related to​ that topic,​ write and article about it. Then in​ your resource box on​ the​ article,​ you​ include a​ link to​ that product. you​ then submit your article to​ three recommended article directories which google loves so much. These article directories are Ezinearticles.com,​ Goartcles.com and searchwarp.com
With a​ few weeks,​ your article will show up on​ google for a​ term related to​ your topic. But you​ have to​ make sure that the​ title of​ the​ article contains the​ keyword or​ key phrase you​ are targeting. That is​ the​ only SEO you​ will need with bum marketing.Bum marketing gets traffic to​ your website simply by riding on​ the​ back of​ the​ already established higly trafficed sites. Watch out for my next ezine where I will completely disect bum marketing.

4. Viral marketing has a​ mystique about it. the​ first site that accidentally took real advantage of​ this method was Interview With God. the​ owner of​ the​ site published a​ public domain poem on​ the​ net just a​ couple of​ months before 9/11. His site was ?discovered' by many people who took solace from the​ poetry and began sending the​ site to​ all of​ their friends. the​ rest was history. the​ essence of​ viral marketing is​ sharing information with people you​ know. There are several avenues open to​ you​ and even more if​ you​ use your imagination. you​ can take advantage of​ social networking sites and social bookmarking sites where you​ can share your information with all of​ your new ?friends'. Tell a​ friend scripts on​ your site can encourage your current visitors to​ tell their friends. You'll find that people will tell their friends if​ your site is​ funny,​ touching or​ if​ you​ offer incentive. Another technique is​ to​ offer free information through ebooks with links back to​ your site.

5-Article marketing. This is​ different from the​ bum marketing method I have talked about above. With bum marketing,​ you​ are basically tarketing low competitive keyword. But here I mean geting traffic for even those highly competitive keywords such as​ mine which is​ Make money only and internet marketing. Article marketing has been a​ topic of​ conversation for several years now. People seem to​ attempt this particular avenue and get discouraged easily. Although this type of​ marketing will economically generate targeted customers it​ is​ a​ time consuming job. the​ best technique to​ use is​ to​ post at​ least three to​ four articles per week to​ two or​ three of​ the​ top article directories. It's not necessary to​ post to​ 300 directories,​ just the​ ones with high page ranks like ezinearticles.com. These article postings do three things. you​ have back links from a​ site with a​ high page rank; you​ have access to​ publishers and your content will be found on​ organic searches based on​ the​ keywords and phrases you​ enter when you​ post to​ the​ directory.

6. Do you​ have expert knowledge on​ a​ particular subject that relates to​ your website and business? you​ not only can share that knowledge in​ groups and forums but also by using answer sites through Yahoo Answers or​ eHow.com. in​ these arenas people post questions and others post answers. People who read the​ answers rate them. Your site gets traffic when people perceive that you​ are giving high quality answers.

MySpace.com Traffic

7. Using MySpace.com to​ advertise your website has become a​ new way to​ increase your traffic. This site is​ mainly a​ “people meeting” site but you​ can list your website and create friendships with thousands of​ people in​ a​ very short time.

You simply need to​ mention your website URL when you​ send a​ message to​ the​ community bulletin board. This can create a​ tremendous flood of​ traffic to​ your website as​ there are over 35,​000,​000 subscribers to​ MySpace.com.

You have the​ knowledge to​ drive traffic to​ your site. This may not be the​ flood of​ traffic that dreams are made of​ but they are targeted customers,​ the​ most important kind of​ traffic. as​ your skill using these techniques improves so will the​ number of​ buying customers visiting your site. And isn't that the​ point? By spending a​ little time and using some creativity,​ promoting your website doesn’t have to​ drain your bank account. Take some time to​ check out these opportunities and you’ll find yourself with a​ steady stream of​ website traffic in​ no time.

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