Web Directories For SEO

Web Directories For SEO

If you​ are looking for ways to​ promote your website,​ than web directories should definitely be considered a​ big part of​ your promotional plan. Web directories provide web visitors with a​ one- stop destination on​ the​ web to​ find the​ information they are looking for. Further,​ in​ using web directories,​ you​ can increase the​ visibility of​ your website and derive myriad benefits offered by web directories.

Let’s take a​ look at​ the​ benefits that webmasters derive from web directories:

1. Some webmasters might wonder why they should bother to​ submit to​ web directories when 80% of​ all website traffic comes from search engines. the​ answer is​ simple when you​ consider the​ following: what about the​ other 20%? When you​ are attempting to​ maximize the​ traffic that comes to​ your website,​ every little bit of​ promotion helps and web directories can help you​ gain a​ big chuck of​ that 20% of​ web traffic you​ have been missing out on.

2. Did you​ know that a​ key factor in​ the​ ranking algorithm of​ search engines is​ link popularity? By using web directories you​ will be creating more links that point directly to​ your site and the​ higher your ranking becomes in​ various search engines across the​ Internet. Further,​ everyone knows that a​ higher search engine ranking is​ equivalent to​ easier accessibility and easier accessibility equals more traffic for your website.

3. the​ first way to​ increase your link popularity is​ to​ include keywords in​ your hyperlinks. When you​ submit to​ web directories,​ the​ links you​ submit should not only lead to​ your site,​ but also should possess themed keywords within the​ links. the​ themed keywords will not only make your site easier to​ find,​ it​ will also increase the​ rating of​ your links in​ various search engines—again getting more,​ free web traffic for you.

4. Links that are created within web directories are votes for a​ site and they use your keywords within your hyperlinks to​ associate your link with certain key phrases. as​ such,​ the​ keywords you​ select are extremely important because they determine how often your links will be pulled up whenever a​ key phrase is​ associated with your created links. Therefore,​ it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ research the​ most popular keywords associated with your website theme before submitting your website to​ various web directories: the​ most popular keywords can make all of​ the​ difference in​ the​ world.

5. if​ you​ are submitting to​ various web directories,​ there are a​ few things that you​ need to​ consider. First,​ for a​ directory to​ be valuable,​ the​ pages you​ submit your listings to​ must,​ at​ minimum,​ be listed in​ various search engines. For instance,​ if​ you​ submit your links to​ a​ web directory that doesn’t appear in​ any search engines,​ chances are web visitors will not only have difficulty finding your website,​ but they will also have extreme difficulty finding the​ web directory you​ have listed your site in. in​ such cases,​ the​ listing in​ the​ web directory is​ a​ fruitless endeavor. Conversely,​ if​ you​ list your web site in​ several popular web directories and you​ utilize keywords in​ your hyperlink and short website description,​ you​ greatly increase the​ visibility and accessibility of​ your website.

6. the​ second consideration you​ must keep in​ mind when submitting to​ web directories is​ that when you​ are submitting your hyperlinks,​ you​ will derive the​ most benefit from submitting to​ directory pages that have a​ comparable theme to​ your website. For instance,​ if​ you​ have a​ website that is​ based on​ credit cards you​ will find that you​ get more web traffic from a​ web directory page that focuses on​ credit cards. Thus,​ when searching for web directories,​ look for web directories with topics that parallel the​ central focus of​ your website.

7. Here’s a​ quick tip for you​ that can help you​ derive the​ most benefit from listing your hyperlink in​ web directories: watch out for Google Adwords as​ these are a​ good indicator of​ how Google at​ least categorizes the​ page. in​ other words,​ if​ you​ mirror your hyperlinks and descriptions to​ appear much like those seen in​ Google ads,​ you​ will more than likely increase your search engine ranking as​ well as​ your listing in​ various web directories.

8. in​ order to​ be successfully listed in​ any web directory,​ you​ will need to​ conform to​ the​ terms and conditions of​ the​ directory. Typically,​ web directories list a​ series of​ specific listing regulations that you​ must adhere to​ and it​ would pay for you​ to​ adhere to​ them. in​ addition,​ to​ improve the​ chances of​ your listing being accepted you​ should try to​ avoid promotional language and you​ should choose a​ category that is​ as​ close to​ your website theme as​ possible.

9. Webmasters have much to​ look forward to​ in​ terms of​ web directory posting. in​ fact,​ the​ next generations of​ web directories are now appearing that allows business card type pages. Not only do webmasters get the​ opportunity to​ post a​ short description of​ there website,​ but now they are afforded the​ opportunity to​ display their logo and contact information as​ well. Such offerings prove to​ be particularly appealing because eye catching logos and easy contact information will make a​ Webmaster’s website that much more appealing.

10. in​ the​ end,​ web directories are a​ valuable part of​ your web promotional program and should not be overlooked in​ terms of​ their value. Along with the​ use of​ search engines,​ and article databases,​ a​ Webmaster will be pleasantly surprised at​ the​ free advertising available on​ the​ Internet. Finally,​ the​ increase in​ web traffic that webmasters will reap is​ truly astonishing indeed.

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