Web Development What Is SEO

Web Development What Is SEO

Search engine optimization,​ or​ SEO,​ is​ the​ act of​ altering or​ optimizing your website and it’s content in​ order that search engines deem it​ to​ be relevant and useful to​ certain topics. you​ are able to​ select the​ most appropriate topics through the​ use of​ certain keywords in​ your website.

When surfers conduct searches on​ search engines they are presented with a​ list of​ results for that search term. These results are called Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and generally speaking,​ the​ websites that appear at​ the​ top of​ the​ SERPs will receive plenty of​ traffic to​ their websites from searchers.

In order to​ determine your position on​ the​ SERPs,​ search engines use their own algorithms. While nobody knows for absolute certain what these algorithms are it​ is​ widely accepted that your website needs to​ be easy to​ navigate,​ popular and relevant.

Easy navigation means that your site should have text links to​ each of​ its pages. if​ you​ use a​ flash menu system then you​ should include a​ sitemap in​ order that search engines and visitors can quickly and easily find their way around the​ whole of​ your website.

In order to​ make your website appear popular you​ need to​ get links to​ your site. While search engines would rather these links were generated because visitors to​ your site genuinely found your content useful,​ it​ is​ commonplace to​ undertake a​ reciprocal link campaign or​ generate inbound links. Reciprocal links mean a​ website links to​ you​ in​ exchange for a​ link to​ their own site.

Relevance is​ judged by your content. By including the​ keywords you​ place in​ the​ metatags of​ your site throughout the​ body of​ your content and in​ certain places within your site you​ are indicating to​ the​ search engines that your website contains relevant information.

By combining these factors you​ can effectively convince search engines that you​ deserve to​ be near the​ top of​ their SERPs. However,​ this can take time and a​ lot of​ effort if​ you​ don’t fully understand what you​ are doing.

Web Development What Is SEO

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