Weave Poles Which Method Should I Use For My Dog

Weave Poles Which Method Should I Use For My Dog

Weave Poles can be the​ most challenging obstacle for you​ to​ teach and for your dog to​ learn. Many agility obstacles resemble natural obstacles that dogs could find out on​ a​ hike out in​ the​ woods,​ jumps,​ frames,​ and tunnels. Going over,​ under,​ or​ through things and places are natural for dogs,​however,​ weaving the​ poles is​ not.

How do you​ teach an​ unnatural skill........with lots of​ patience,​ the​ right motivators for your dog,​ and a​ plan. There are many great methods to​ teach the​ weave poles. if​ you've gone to​ agility camps with several top instructors,​ you​ know that most have their own method . So,​ there is​ not one method that is​ the​ best or​ one method that produces the​ best weaving dog.

There are many methods of​ teaching weave poles. Some of​ these include,​ the​ Push-Pull method,​ the​ Angled Weave Approach,​ Chute Training,​ Two-Pole Method,​ Gate method,​ and more..........

How do you​ decide on​ which method to​ choose? Research each method and find out what you​ like about it​ and what you​ don't. What method are they teaching at​ your agility school? Most handlers just starting agility will teach the​ method being presented at​ their facility. if​ you​ attend a​ large agility school,​ sit in​ on​ some of​ the​ advanced classes and watch the​ skilled dogs weave. Ask those individuals how they taught their dog to​ weave. Most instructors have a​ preference of​ weave training,​ it​ may be the​ method they are teaching or​ it​ may not be.

Once you​ decide on​ a​ method,​ get the​ poles you​ want and then,​ outline a​ plan to​ train 5 minutes a​ day on​ weaves. Five minutes a​ day will take your dog much further than once a​ week in​ class. if​ you​ are into agility and want to​ progress,​ the​ weave poles are an​ absolute must to​ have at​ home.

Get your dog,​ grab his motivators,​ take a​ deep breath and go have fun for five minutes a​ day.

Weave Poles Which Method Should I Use For My Dog

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