We All Love A Well Behaved Dog

All of​ us remember our first puppy when we were kids. Bringing them home as​ they are
crawling all over your lap. Licking your face with their cute little pink tongues. of​ course
what we remember as​ kids with our first dog is​ a​ lot different from what our parents remember about that time. as​ a​ lot of​ us have found out since we grew up and brought a​ puppy home for our family.

We soon realize there is​ much work that goes along with the​ cute little guy. It’s not long
before he is​ chewing everything in​ site. you​ find yourself moving everything in​ your house as​ if​ you​ had a​ toddler around. Then there is​ the​ house training,​ lots of​ fun there.
With some dogs it​ could take weeks before your dog has mastered going to​ the​ door.
Which is​ why some people give up and just spend their time cleaning up after him.
But thankfully here are some great products out there to​ aid in​ house training your dog.

the​ biggest thing I have found though,​ is​ you​ need to​ be consistent with your puppy. Just like a​ child,​ puppies can easily learn to​ have a​ routine. the​ first thing every morning you​ take him outside,​ just before bed you​ take him out. you​ need to​ keep the​ puppy around you,​ if​ you​ spend most of​ your day on​ the​ lower level of​ your house,​ then that’s where the​ puppy should be too. you​ need to​ keep an​ eye on​ him. if​ he has a​ drink,​ you​ give him about 10 minutes than take him out and see if​ he will go. an​ hour after he eats,​ do the​ same thing. Not only will he eventually learn to​ do his business outside,​ but also it​ will happen quicker because you​ are being consistent.

the​ same with the​ chewing,​ you​ must catch him in​ the​ act and change his mind. Whether you​ do this by giving him a​ chew toy and luring him away from whatever it​ is​ he is​ chewing. Just tell him NO,​ and then give him something else to​ do.

the​ biggest problem today with people training their pets is​ that they don’t have time. you​ both work all day and are tired when you​ get home,​ the​ last thing you​ want to​ do is​ work on​ training your puppy. This is​ a​ terrible situation for the​ puppy though,​ because they are in​ a​ new environment. They were removed from their mother and siblings. Then people bring them home and leave them by themselves for 8 to​ 10 hours a​ day.

if​ there can be no one home for the​ first few months you​ have your pet then you​ should probably wait until the​ situation changes. This kind of​ set up will never work for you​ or​ the​ puppy. Therefore if​ this is​ your household,​ don’t get a​ pet at​ this time.

to​ everyone with a​ dog or​ cat,​ just take care of​ them and love them and you​ will get much love back.

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