Ways To Back Up Your Computer Files

Ways To Back Up Your Computer Files
There are various ways to​ back up the​ files on​ your computer .​
You can use Internet programs and services that allow you to​ back up your files on​ a​ separate server that can be accessed through the​ Internet .​
You can also use the​ conventional writable CD-ROM disc,​ where you can copy,​ paste,​ and burn the​ files on​ your computer through a​ no-brainer process .​
Zip disks are also effective for backing up files,​ as​ well as​ external hard drives.
How to​ Choose the​ Data You Should Back Up
When backing up files,​ you don’t have to​ copy the​ entire contents of​ your computer .​
Computer programs that you have a​ CD-ROM installer for often need not have a​ back up .​
Here are some of​ the​ files that you should definitely have back ups for:
- Bank records and other files that have financial information
- Digital images and pictures
- Software and music files that you downloaded from the​ Internet
- the​ contacts of​ your email address book
- Any other personal projects (essays,​ research and term papers for students; presentations,​ documents,​ and reports for the​ working folk)
- Important emails
Some Final Reminders on​ Backing Up Files
Do label your storage materials .​
If you are using CDs,​ for instance,​ be sure to​ label and file them properly .​
Back up files are of​ no use if​ you can’t find what you are looking for among them – and they’re sure to​ pile up .​
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Don’t use floppy disks as​ permanent storage for your backup files .​
The data inside them easily get damaged and won’t last long enough to​ be useful as​ a​ back up.
As we​ have already discussed,​ the​ Internet is​ littered with evil intentions and malicious - albeit smart and brilliant – plotters .​
They are constantly in​ the​ prowl for innocent,​ unprotected computers .​
Internet hackers use all sorts of​ codes such as​ viruses,​ worms,​ and Trojans,​ to​ crack into and ruin your computer .​
You must therefore be prepared to​ block them off from ever entering your computer’s system at​ all times.
It is​ often said that the​ best cure is​ prevention .​
And the​ saying applies to​ your computers .​
If you want to​ protect your computer from the​ threat of​ viruses,​ worms,​ Trojans,​ and other malicious code,​ one of​ the​ best options to​ take is​ setting up a​ firewall.

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