Water Your Best Weight Loss Friend

Water is​ one of​ the​ key components to​ a​ healthy diet and a​ long-term weight loss undertaking. it​ not only nourishes your body by keeping your cells hydrated,​ but it​ fills your stomach so that you are less hungry. Here are some quick tips for consuming a​ weight-loss-friendly amount of​ water without feeling like you are a​ human water drain.

8 Glasses a​ Day
Just about everyone has heard that it​ is​ important to​ consume at​ least 8 glasses of​ water a​ day as​ part of​ a​ well-balanced diet. the​ 8 glasses of​ water will help to​ hydrate your body and leave your skin feeling moist and supple. What’s more: it​ is​ important to​ understand exactly what those 8 glasses of​ water are doing to​ your body.

As the​ water enters into your system,​ it​ hydrates your cells. Not only will you feel more energized,​ but it​ will help to​ keep your cells strong against illness,​ headaches and fatigue. Imagine that the​ body’s cells are a​ plant. Without water,​ the​ plant will wilt and be less strong against daily elements. However,​ with the​ proper amount of​ water and care,​ the​ plant will be strong and healthy.

Water relieves the​ body of​ harmful toxins,​ such as​ those that are caused by illness and stress. By infusing hydration into your system,​ your body pumps out unwanted chemicals that will slow you down and make your body function less healthily. 8 glasses of​ water is​ the​ minimum if​ you wish to​ retain a​ properly functioning machine.

Many people get their water from fruits,​ such as​ apples,​ watermelons and berries. One piece of​ fruit,​ depending on​ the​ size,​ can count for as​ much as​ half of​ a​ glass of​ water. the​ added benefit of​ fruit is​ that in​ addition to​ helping to​ hydrate you,​ fruit can add healthy amounts of​ vitamins and minerals to​ your core diet.

Fruit also fills the​ stomach and energizes you. Because fruit contains very few calories,​ it​ is​ a​ good food to​ fill up on. However,​ fruit does contain fructose,​ which is​ a​ type of​ sugar. Fructose will spike the​ level of​ sugar in​ your blood stream,​ which will give you energy. Yet,​ if​ that energy is​ not consumed readily,​ the​ fructose will turn to​ fat (if only a​ small amount of​ it.)

There are beverages and activities that dehydrate your body quickly so that your essential amount of​ water intake needs to​ be increased. Beverages that deplete water from your body include sodas,​ coffee,​ tea and alcohol.

In order to​ ensure that you stay properly hydrated,​ drink one glass of​ water for every glass of​ soda or​ other dehydrating beverage. Also,​ for every half-hour of​ sweat-inducing exercise,​ you should drink at​ least one cup of​ water. if​ you are exercising in​ a​ particularly humid environment,​ you may have to​ drink more water in​ order to​ avoid headaches,​ illness and overall dehydration.

Water truly can aid your weight-loss process if​ you are diligent about consuming generous portions of​ it. Many people find that carrying a​ water bottle with them everywhere they go is​ the​ best way to​ remain tempted to​ treat your body right.

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