Watch Your SEO

Watch Your SEO

If you​ own or​ operate a​ website,​ you​ know that it​ is​ important to​ operate a​ well rounded search engine optimization program. Some companies just outsource the​ work and some do it​ in​ house. it​ all depends on​ the​ talent and expertise you​ have in​ house in​ order to​ create an​ effective SEO program. There are many companies out there that only want your money,​ but say that they will make your website number one,​ guaranteed! All I have to​ say is​ ha. No company no matter how good can guarantee number one positions in​ natural searches. the​ only way that they can say this is​ with unethical ways of​ positioning your website. of​ course,​ most companies will use come pay per click advertising for your site,​ but you​ can do that yourself and get the​ same exact results. in​ order to​ stay on​ top of​ the​ natural searches,​ you​ need to​ have ethical ways of​ promoting and optimizing your site. Make sure to​ take time to​ analyze your site compared to​ the​ top 10 sites for each of​ your top keywords. if​ you​ see their sites compared to​ yours,​ the​ correct changes can be made. This is​ a​ big one,​ make sure no company or​ individual in​ your company creates doorway pages on​ your site. These inflate your results for a​ very short time and can and will lead to​ you​ being banned from the​ search engines. There are a​ lot of​ companies that say they will put their content on​ your site to​ help your results,​ this only means that they are going to​ put in​ doorway pages! Do not let them do this because it​ will lead to​ your sites downfall. Be careful out there with all the​ search engine optimization companies and think about possibly doing your own optimization with the​ same results. you​ might want to​ try to​ find a​ company that just gives you​ a​ optimization report,​ which allows you​ to​ optimize your own site at​ your own leisure. Good luck out there!

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