Watch Out For E Bay Automobile And Computer Scams

Watch Out for eBay Automobile and Computer Scams.
There aren't that many scammers on​ eBay - but the​ ones there are tend to​ be greedy .​
This means that they will always try to​ pull their scams on​ high-value items like cars and computers,​ so that they can make a​ lot of​ money quickly .​
Since buyers generally buy these items very rarely,​ they may not know about the​ various scams out there.
Automobile Scams.
With cars,​ you will generally find that scammers try to​ get you to​ send them money in​ advance,​ for whatever reason .​
For some reason,​ some people aren't all that reluctant to​ pay 50% or​ 25% of​ the​ money before delivery using a​ relatively insecure payment method,​ especially on​ a​ car .​
They reason that the​ seller will obviously deliver it,​ as​ they'll want the​ other half of​ the​ money .​
But there never was a​ car! Pictures of​ cars aren't hard to​ find,​ and the​ experienced scammers will have a​ whole library of​ pictures of​ different cars .​
The seller just got your $5,​000 for nothing,​ and you can leave them all the​ negative feedback you like .​
They'll just go and open another eBay account and find their next sucker.
While it's not an​ outright scam,​ what you might find is​ that the​ car does turn up,​ but simply doesn't live up to​ the​ description - it​ has been oversold,​ in​ the​ tradition of​ used car dealers through the​ ages .​
If this happens to​ you then you should open an​ eBay dispute and say your item was not as​ described - you might get a​ partial refund.
Computer Scams.
If you bid in​ a​ computer auction but don't win,​ the​ seller might email you to​ ask whether you would like to​ buy a​ computer the​ same as​ the​ one they just sold through their own website .​
This is​ a​ bad idea! You have no guarantee that the​ item will ever arrive,​ and you haven't just given them your money - you've given them your credit card details too .​
There are sellers with nothing but positive feedback who use this scam often - and since you won't be able to​ leave them any feedback on​ the​ transaction,​ their reputation will stay that way .​
If you complain to​ eBay that you bought an​ item outside the​ site and got scammed,​ they will tell you to​ get lost and not do it​ again.
How to​ Beat the​ Scams.
There are lots of​ ways to​ beat the​ scams .​
First,​ whenever you buy anything expensive,​ be sure to​ check your seller's reputation thoroughly .​
Make sure they have sold items of​ a​ similar high value before,​ and haven't just sold a​ string of​ $10 items to​ get their feedback rating artificially high .​
If you want to​ be even more cautious,​ insist that the​ money is​ placed in​ an​ escrow service (eBay recommend - don't use any other service unless you're sure of​ it).
To be honest,​ it's generally quite a​ bad idea to​ use eBay to​ buy things like cars and computers to​ begin with - you can get them anywhere,​ and the​ discounts aren't that big any more .​
It's better to​ use eBay for those rare,​ special things that you can't find anywhere else .​
The next email will give you some tips for buying collectibles .​

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