Warning Hackers Using Spyware Steal Identity And Intimate Photos From Computer

Warning: Hackers Using Spyware Steal Identity And Intimate Photos From Computer
As we​ journey more into the​ world of​ technology,​ we​ cringe at​ the​ thought that someone somewhere is​ on​ a​ very expensive shopping spree with credit cards and identification under your name .​
Warning: 27.3 million Americans identities have been stolen!
A nightmare indeed,​ but federal authorities recently unraveled a​ scheme by a​ man using file sharing software to​ get into other user’s computer system .​
Gregory Thomas Kopiloff of​ Seattle,​ allegedly used P2P Software to​ steal the​ personally identifiable information of​ at​ least 83 people .​
Kopiloff stole $73,​000 worth of​ merchandise using user’s personal data.
You probably have used or​ know someone that has used software like BearShare.com,​ Limewire.com,​ Kazaa.com,​ Soulseek.com,​ Fastrack.com .​
These type of​ software actually shares a​ particular folder on​ the​ hard drive of​ your computer with potentially thousands of​ users utilizing the​ software and that are part of​ this so-called file-sharing network .​
The users of​ this file sharing are in​ danger of​ having the​ computer hacker having access to​ sensitive data such as​ social security numbers,​ tax information,​ credit information and other personal information .​
With this type of​ software,​ a​ hacker can even have access to​ individuals personal digital pictures,​ music and all types of​ documents .​
According to​ the​ National Research Council,​ Computers at​ Risk,​ 1991,​ the​ modern thief can steal more with a​ computer than with a​ gun .​
Tomorrow's terrorist may be able to​ do more damage with a​ keyboard than with a​ bomb .​
Can we​ stop this?
Monster.com was also hit by hackers not too long ago .​
1.3 million monster.com users personal information were exploited .​
Later on,​ those same crooks that broke into Monster.com vault of​ personal data went on​ to​ hit USAJOBS.com,​ the​ federal government's official job search site and stole over 150,​000 user’s information .​
Credit Card companies have also been hit.
It’s time to​ secure your computer with your life .​
The luxury of​ the​ internet is​ a​ two edge sword .​
We can indulge ourselves in​ all the​ information that we​ want,​ explore the​ world with a​ few clicks of​ a​ button,​ communicate instantly and we​ can shop through all the​ multitudes of​ stores and hundreds and thousands of​ products .​
We are the​ ruler of​ our own internet kingdom!
But can we​ manage our internet castle,​ or​ does the​ evils of​ the​ outside world can control and destroy us .​
It’s a​ digital world,​ my friend .​
Billions of​ bits of​ information cross our little technological planet .​
From thieves,​ to​ child molesters and to​ your boss - we​ are more vulnerable now than 20 years ago .​
a​ sacrifice for all the​ goodies we​ can get from our lovely internet? Definitely.
Here’s a​ few simple things to​ do to​ avoid a​ fatal intrusion into your life:
1 .​
Don’t have personal info stored in​ your computer .​
(easier said than done,​ most people have their whole lives inside that little box) .​
But limiting such things,​ as​ social security numbers,​ tax info and identification numbers from your files can help tremendously.
2 .​
Don’t file share .​
(Good luck on​ that one.) And don’t give out any personal information from an​ unsolicited email! Sadly,​ many people do this.
3 .​
Always keep in​ mind that whatever you have in​ your computer,​ anyone can possibly get .​
For example,​ those special valentine pictures of​ your intimate other .​
It happens more than you think .​
a​ couple from Virginia had intimate pictures on​ their personal computer and were shocked to​ see those same pictures on​ the​ web on​ a​ adult website .​
Who would’ve’ known,​ huh?
4 .​
Powerful Anti-hacking software .​
For example,​ the​ Nuker at​ www.stop-hackers.com is​ a​ super software that can stop hackers to​ get into your system .​
Best of​ all,​ it’s free to​ try.
5 .​
Keep laptops out of​ prying eyes .​
Oh,​ yea -don’t lend out your computer to​ anyone! Let’s be stingy with this,​ you guys .​
Nothing personal.
Anti-hacking/Anti-spy ware is​ mandatory .​
But don’t rely on​ those fake software,​ you got to​ use a​ legitimate software .​
Remember 9 out of​ 10 pc’s are infected with spy ware or​ ad ware .​
Be wise .​
Your computer and your life depends on​ it!
To stop any type of​ hacking or​ for more information please review www.stop-hackers.com .​
With new hacking software and creepy crawlers all over the​ internet,​you need a​ good anti-spyware product.
To fight back against identity theft,​ go to​ ftc.gov .​
Learn more .​
Be wise .​
If you want to​ know what real hackers are doing today then check out www.attrition.org .​
This is​ one of​ the​ places on​ the​ Internet where hackers gloat about their attacks on​ innocent individuals.

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