Want To Lose Weight Try Detoxification

Nutritionist believes accumulated wastes and toxins in​ the​ body are the​ main cause of​ ill health,​ premature ageing and obesity problems. Regular detoxification to​ get rid of​ these harmful wastes and toxins helps to​ improve health,​ vitality and slimming body.

Our body is​ constantly bombarded with toxins,​ both endogenous (metabolic waste produced in​ the​ body) and exogenous (toxins that we​ either breathe or​ ingest from external sources).It is​ impossible for us to​ avoid these toxins for they are virtually everywhere. in​ our food - herbicides and pesticides in​ fruits and vegetables,​ chemicals and heavy metals in​ fish from heavily polluted rivers and seas,​ Antibiotics and hormones in​ poultry and meat .In our drinking water chlorine,​ heavy metals,​ chemicals,​ bacteria and parasites from polluted water sources and old water pipes. in​ the​ air that we​ breathe,​ chemicals and smog from factories,​ vehicles exhaust fumes,​ cigarette smoke,​ open burning and forest fires.

To effectively detoxify the​ body,​ it​ is​ recommended that we​ start with a​ good and thorough cleansing of​ the​ colon,​ followed by cleansing of​ the​ liver,​ purification of​ the​ blood and detoxification of​ the​ cells.

Dr Harvey Kellogg noted that toxic colon is​ the​ root causes of​ over 90% of​ known diseases. the​ BMA (British Medical Association) has found that over 179 illnesses can be traced to​ the​ colon. Regular bowel movement does not necessarily mean that the​ colon is​ free from toxins. as​ food moves through the​ intestines,​ bit remains,​ cling onto the​ intestinal walls and decompose. Over the​ years,​ these "leftovers" become stubborn,​ mucus- like plaques. Layer upon layer of​ this gluey,​ rubbery substance begins to​ clog up the​ small intestines and colon and they become like a​ clogged sewage pipe. When the​ waste stays in​ the​ colon,​ it​ becomes toxic,​ and releases the​ toxins into the​ bloodstream. This upsets the​ natural balance of​ intestinal flora - bad bacteria,​ yeast,​ fungi and parasites thrive in​ the​ toxic colon and produce more toxins whereas friendly bacteria that help improve digestion and nutrient absorption diminish in​ this dirty,​ toxic environment. Furthermore,​ when the​ colon walls are heavily encrusted with waste,​ the​ body is​ unable to​ absorb nutrients from food or​ other supplements efficiently. Hence,​ it​ is​ not surprising that those suffering from toxic colon would feel constantly drained of​ energy. it​ is​ recommended that we​ take a​ supplement that helps dislodge accumulated toxic wastes and balances the​ natural intestinal flora.

The liver is​ one the​ body’s major detoxification organs. Its primary role is​ to​ neutralize toxins in​ foods,​ drugs and medication,​ rendering them harmless before eliminating them. However,​ excessive amounts of​ toxins can overwhelm the​ liver,​ impairing its function. This may cause several symptoms of​ a​ toxic body,​ along with premature ageing. Age spots or​ "liver spots" could be a​ sign of​ poor liver function. to​ ensure that the​ liver’s detoxification function is​ in​ top condition,​ it​ is​ crucial to​ flush and cleanses the​ liver periodically.

Blood transports vital oxygen and nutrients to​ all cells in​ the​ body,​ and carry toxic metabolic,​ waste out from the​ cells. to​ remain healthy,​ every cell requires continuous and abundant supply of​ oxygen. When oxygen levels are low,​ cells are "suffocated" and are unable to​ perform their function properly. Furthermore,​ disease causing bacteria and parasites in​ the​ blood flourish in​ low oxygen environment,​ causing infections and health problems. By increasing the​ oxygen level in​ the​ blood,​ cells will be properly oxygenated and harmful microorganisms,​ eliminated.

Science has shown that we​ are only as​ healthy as​ our cells. we​ become tired when our cells are polluted and undernourished. we​ become sick when our cells get sick,​ and we​ only grow old when our cells grow old. So,​ it​ is​ important that we​ keep our cells clean and healthy. Cells need a​ spectrum of​ nutrients for energy,​ growth and repair. When cells are undernourished,​ cell metabolism and function decline,​ including its ability to​ repair,​ regenerate and rid itself of​ accumulated toxins,​ causing premature ageing and other illness. to​ obtain all the​ essential nutrients required for optimum cell health and performance,​ recommended you to​ have a​ supplement with a​ bio available,​ nutrient rich food supplement and live strains of​ friendly bacteria.

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