Walk On The Bright Side To Grow Your Internet Business

Walk On The Bright Side To Grow Your Internet Business

You regularly hear about the​ physical benefits of​ walking. it​ strengthens your bones,​ your muscles and your heart and helps to​ control your weight. it​ stimulates the​ systems of​ your body that are necessary for optimum effectiveness,​ e.g. your cardiovascular,​ immune and respiratory systems. Research has shown that walking can reduce the​ risk of​ coronary heart disease,​ Alzheimer’s disease,​ arthritis,​ bowel cancer,​ strokes,​ diabetes,​ and high blood pressure.

Walking also has psychological benefits for you. it​ is​ mood-enhancing and can help combat depression. it​ can build stamina,​ confidence and energy and help to​ reduce the​ risk of​ stress and anxiety.

You will often hear that you​ should go for a​ walk to​ clear your head,​ empty the​ clutter from your mind or​ remove negative thoughts.

Walking,​ however,​ can fill your mind – through walking you​ can create new ideas,​ gain new insights,​ and develop new perspectives. it​ can give you​ the​ stimulus and inspiration to​ move up to​ another level in​ your Internet business.

Recent research has shown that physical activity,​ such as​ walking,​ can help ward off Alzheimer’s disease. it​ has this effect because walking,​ and other physical activities,​ create new connections in​ your brain.

So when you​ walk you​ are creating new physical connections in​ your brain that in​ turn help you​ to​ develop new ideas,​ insights and understanding. When you​ walk you​ start to​ see connections between things that before seemed quite discrete or​ separate.

Often the​ solution to​ growth of​ your Internet business and income is​ right before your eyes,​ looking you​ in​ the​ face – you​ just can’t see it!

Walking gives a​ clarity of​ vision and insight that puts things in​ a​ new light – even things that you​ have seen everyday.

It is​ these new connections,​ intuitive understanding and creative insight that can make a​ real difference to​ your Internet business.

For example,​ I have discovered the​ following ideas and insights through walking:

• a​ viral report that I could develop from my own articles and ebooks/software for which I had resell rights

• a​ series of​ articles around a​ theme

• a​ theme,​ focus and ideas for an​ e-book that will integrate resources I have acquired and my Internet experience with particular marketing activities

• ways to​ increase my opt-in mailing list through my blog and existing resources in​ my download folder

• multiple,​ reinforcing strategies for generating visitors to​ my blog

• ways to​ link my mailing list and my blog postings

• how to​ use my blog to​ simultaneously promote multiple programs

• ways to​ link my blogs to​ cross–promote and create a​ blog ring

• how to​ use ebooks and software from JV Giveaways to​ create an​ integrated info product

• how to​ use my blog and resources I already have to​ develop a​ pull marketing vs. a​ push marketing strategy

• ways to​ link my professional consulting in​ e-learning with my Internet business

• the​ theme for this article which draws on​ my own experience with walking and ideas expressed in​ one of​ my son’s university biology assignments.

You too can gain new understanding,​ ideas,​ insights,​ and perspectives to​ grow your Internet business. All you​ need to​ do is​ walk and your mind will open up to​ the​ multiple intelligences you​ already possess.

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