Voice Changer Vivifies Role Playing Games

Voice Changer Vivifies Role Playing Games
Since early1990s,​ Online game has become a​ spectacularly booming industry in​ the​ world .​
International Data Corporation’s 2004 statistic showed global Online game’s income was $ 8.2 billion and an​ estimated of​ $ 22.7 billion in​ 2009 .​
In China,​ the​ biggest online game market,​ those numbers were $ 300 million and $ 1.3 billion respectively.
What is​ the​ source of​ all this?
The newborn Online game has dislodged PC game and Console game from their firm positions as​ Online game is​ always available for updating,​ creating new functions and expanding game world’s map .​
If life cycle of​ a​ PC game or​ Console game is: Introduction – Growth – Upgrade – Decline,​ it​ is​ quite different with Online game: Introduction – Growth – Outdating – Upgrade – Outdating – Upgrade…Thus,​ even pro game players who know all secrets of​ Final Fantasy,​ Fallout,​ etc .​
cannot boast I​ am an​ expertise of​ the​ Sims or​ Warcraft .​
Furthermore,​ Online game is​ actually a​ huge community of​ old and new members as​ once upgraded,​ every player has to​ grope for a​ brand new adventure with unlimited exciting and thrilling stage .​
The phrase MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) becomes more popular than ever and no longer do players have to​ face monotonous individual games but they can now interact with hundreds or​ thousands of​ other players from all over the​ world.
It can be said without exaggeration that the​ players can live a​ real life in​ virtual world of​ Online game .​
They gather in​ one side and undertake the​ adventure of​ a​ lifetime together,​ such as​ fighting and protecting Human or​ Ak’kan clan in​ Risk Your Life II,​ or​ borrow money,​ or​ trade weapons .​
All real emotions are shown when playing Online games: glad when winning,​ satisfied when trading a​ valued weapon,​ or​ disappointed when being defeated .​
a​ current research of​ Avnex Ltd .​
(www.audio4fun.com) found that many game geeks also use Voice changer software (VCS) together with some chat application such as​ Ventrilo,​ Teamspeak to​ make the​ virtual games become vivid .​
VCS can change their voice to​ multi-characters they are playing role in,​ regardless age and sex .​
Imagine that how much more interesting a​ sonorous voice of​ a​ knight,​ a​ charming voice of​ a​ heroic will make the​ game is​ .​
One game player shared in​ the​ research interview: That was a​ female character,​ and I​ did hear her sweet and sexy voice asking for my weapon .​
Of course I​ was falling into her flirtation .​
After a​ couple of​ days,​ it​ turned out that my weapon was in​ a​ class mate’s property .​
He used AV VCS.

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