Viral Marketing Trumps Email Deliverability

Viral Marketing Trumps Email Deliverability
The internet has turned another corner in​ the​ last few years .​
This should come as​ no surprise .​
the​ one constant about the​ internet is​ change .​
But the​ changes that have become a​ reality in​ the​ last few years have made fundamental changes to​ how we view the​ internet,​ how we use it​ and what we expect when we go on​ a​ web site and interact with the​ web site owners any more.
From wiki control over web sites to​ YouTube to​ social networks,​ the​ emphasis of​ the​ internet has shifted from the​ operators of​ web sites to​ the​ users .​
And with this change the​ way those of​ us involved in​ using the​ internet for marketing have begu​n to​ change the​ way we do business as​ well .​

The model for internet marketing that predates the​ shift to​ the​ WEB 2.0 methodology was heavily dependent on​ email as​ the​ primary line of​ communication with the​ customer .​
Next to​ online sales,​ email was the​ way customers sent in​ inquiries and the​ way customer support was handled .​
And other than online advertising,​ email was the​ most sophisticated method for internet marketing we had at​ our disposal.
Over time,​ however,​ the​ use of​ email for marketing began to​ see abuses in​ the​ form of​ spam .​
More and more the​ need to​ protect customers from spam communications has so dominated the​ world of​ email marketing that has become a​ cost burden for online merchants and customers alike and it​ has slowed or​ stopped email deliverability to​ the​ point that it​ is​ uncertain on​ any given business day whether you​ can depend on​ email to​ keep your business running or​ not.
As a​ result,​ a​ discipline and a​ methodology for circumventing email delivery interference points such as​ spam filters has imposed yet another new area of​ online knowledge that takes time away from running your business so you​ can focus on​ working with ISPs and learning the​ methods of​ spam control so you​ can carefully construct your emails so at​ least they will get to​ your customers .​
But the​ methods you​ have to​ use to​ jump through hoops to​ get your marketing emails to​ customers have come to​ dominate email marketing so heavily that the​ message and the​ communication has almost taken a​ back seat to​ just getting the​ email delivered.
It is​ interesting that the​ big changes in​ how the​ internet operates in​ some ways are going to​ retire this cumbersome email system before we come up with a​ solution to​ the​ email delivery problem .​
There are some very sophisticated internet marketing techniques that are showing themselves to​ be highly effective that never depend on​ email at​ all .​
And as​ modern internet merchants turn to​ these methods,​ the​ problem of​ email delivery may never be solved as​ much as​ it​ is​ ignored and allowed to​ die out on​ its own.
Viral marketing is​ one way modern internet marketers are recruiting new customers and getting the​ word out about products and services by tapping the​ power of​ video and the​ instinct internet denizens have for downloading free stuff .​
Viral marketing is​ a​ method where the​ merchant creates a​ download that is​ desirable .​
a​ funny video,​ a​ musical performance or​ an​ ebook make great viral marketing tools .​
But along with the​ free toy,​ the​ download carries the​ marketing message of​ the​ merchant and is​ downloaded into the​ internet network of​ users quickly and with no cost to​ the​ merchant or​ the​ user .​

The viral part occurs naturally as​ users upload the​ video or​ link to​ it​ on​ other web sites or​ share it​ with each other on​ blogs or​ through email .​
the​ marketing message spreads from customer to​ customer,​ like a​ virus spreads the​ flu and as​ it​ spreads,​ it​ directs new customers back to​ the​ merchant web site to​ become active customers .​

This is​ a​ powerful marketing technique that depends on​ nothing more than human nature for success .​
And unlike the​ cumbersome email system,​ viral marketing has its own way of​ avoiding spam,​ it​ is​ fast and it​ is​ cost free .​
But above all the​ one trait that makes viral marketing trump email marketing as​ the​ means to​ success for the​ future of​ internet marking is​ a​ simple principle that always attracts business people .​
It works.

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