Video Games

Video Games
Back when video games first came out,​ there was Atari,​ and it​ came with games like Pac Man,​ Galaga,​ Millipede,​ and more .​
These games weren’t very expensive,​ and many households,​ despite their income,​ bought them for their kids.
Nowadays,​ there are numerous types of​ video games for several game systems .​
These modern game systems are a​ lot more expensive,​ making it​ difficult for every household to​ purchase them for their children .​
There is​ even a​ game system,​ the​ Nintendo Wii,​ which makes playing games feel like you’re actually on​ screen playing .​
If you are playing a​ bowling game on​ the​ brand-new Nintendo Wii,​ you actually roll a​ real bowling ball,​ and at​ the​ same time,​ you see yourself on​ the​ screen,​ actually playing .​
It’s a​ real technological advance! And it’s very fun and exciting for children as​ well as​ adults.
There are many different games for these various game consoles,​ such as​ football,​ basketball,​ baseball,​ and a​ real favorite for many people,​ Nascar .​
In the​ Nascar game,​ you can setup your own car,​ by choosing different tracks,​ just like you’re actually on​ a​ real race track .​
You can adjust the​ track bar on​ the​ car and change tires,​ and then it’s like you’re actually racing for the​ Nextel Cup,​ in​ real life .​
The graphics on​ these games are unreal,​ and it’s just like watching a​ game or​ TV .​
You choose the​ team that you want,​ and play someone else .​
Also,​ you can customize your game,​ and that is​ fun,​ too,​ especially when you’re beating your opponent.
There are also tournaments on​ these video games,​ especially the​ football and basketball ones .​
They will have up to​ a​ hundred people or​ more involved in​ these tournaments,​ and whoever wins first,​ second and third place wins prize money .​
There is​ also a​ show on​ ESPN that has actual tournaments,​ with the​ first prize being $100,​ 000 .​
That certainly is​ a​ lot of​ money just to​ play a​ game on​ television .​
But there are so many people who practice frequently,​ just to​ be able to​ be part of​ such a​ tournament .​
They must figure out different defenses for their players,​ and the​ same for the​ offense .​
So,​ as​ you can say,​ video game playing is​ a​ billion dollar industry .​
And it’s obvious that they’re not just for kids,​ because what kid is​ going to​ be on​ ESPN? Not many,​ because most parents wouldn’t allow it.

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