Video Games Tune In To Whats In

Video Games Tune In To Whats In

The eternal quest for entertainment leads us to​ the​ virtual world of​ video games,​ and mind you it's a​ huge world out there. With companies coming out with newer,​ revolutionary games,​ that are even more challenging,​ have enhanced graphics,​ integrated realism,​ and other awesome effects in​ their games practically every fortnight,​ it's difficult to​ see which ones made the​ cut.

There's a​ huge gaming community out there and it’s fair to​ say that what’s popular with them is​ probably worthy of​ a​ mention. However,​ scrubbing through the​ popular games to​ determine which one ranks top most is​ no easy feat.

While the​ top positions are constantly shifting around,​ some of​ the​ games that have made it​ to​ the​ top this year are:

Halo 3

This game is​ simply brilliant; it​ incorporates all that worked well in​ the​ previous "Halo" games and has mush more to​ offer. One of​ the​ key points that makes this game refreshing is​ the​ fact that the​ enemies in​ the​ game are perhaps as​ smart as​ the​ player itself so its all the​ more challenging and fun. the​ makers have also suped-up the​ multiplayer options and the​ feature of​ "Saved film" incorporates a​ PC idea with console like accessibility.

Super Mario Galaxy

An all time favourite and a​ legend in​ its self the​ Mario games have yet again made it​ to​ the​ top with Super Mario returning and a​ space adventure riddled with action that has enhanced gameplays and moves away from the​ dull and common routines making way for some really interesting variety. Packed with surprises the​ game feel fresh and new despite the​ fact that it​ probably a​ rehash of​ its predecessors. the​ graphics are great and sparkle,​ while the​ controls prove nicely tight. is​ it​ any surprise then that Super Mario has made it​ to​ the​ top again?

Rock Band

It looks like the​ purchase of​ Harmonix by MTV is​ finally paying off. This game is​ lets four players,​ a​ guitarist,​ bass guitarist,​ Drummer and Vocalist have a​ blast on​ or​ offline through the​ revolutionary rock band rhythms game. it​ features loads of​ tunes licensed from several big record labels. Although it’s not completely perfect in​ the​ sense that it​ really lacks the​ “world tour” bit to​ give it​ that touch of​ making it​ big,​ Yet it​ give people a​ chance to​ explore a​ perhaps unfulfilled ambition as​ a​ musician in​ a​ rock band and it​ works out great as​ a​ substitute for those who just won’t be able to​ ever play onstage with real music instruments.


Designed for play on​ the​ Xbox and PC its setting is​ based in​ an​ alternative reality that’s an​ underwater battleground. There’s a​ lot of​ strategy and thinking involved in​ this first person shooter game. Attacks from mutants and mechanical drones that roam across this underwater world make for a​ very interesting game. an​ intriguing game it​ captivates the​ players right from the​ beginning where the​ primary player “Jack” ends up on​ the​ scene thanks to​ a​ plane crash over the​ Atlantic Ocean. From then on​ Jack makes his way through the​ game advised by different charters,​ he learns his of​ his origins and the​ purpose he is​ there. It’s a​ real thrilling game and definitely worth trying out.


Part of​ the​ 5 games constituting 'The Orange Box',​ 'Portal' turns out to​ be a​ pleasant surprise this year. This unique and innovative game is​ a​ puzzle of​ sorts with an​ excellent story line. the​ puzzle game is​ based on​ the​ concept of​ a​ special gum which is​ used to​ shoot portals and create worm holes to​ enter and exit them from time to​ time as​ well as​ to​ zap objects. the​ gun can be operated on​ almost all of​ the​ flat surfaces in​ the​ puzzle. What makes this game special are the​ excellent number of​ loops,​ comic narratives and excellent graphics and audio. the​ theme song of​ this game which you can hear towards the​ end is​ a​ work of​ genius.

Call of​ Duty - 4

Fourth release in​ the​ series of​ the​ same name,​ Call of​ Duty - 4 is​ a​ master piece from X-Box. This latest entry gives a​ powerful and dramatic sense of​ realism and a​ sense of​ immediacy to​ the​ player. the​ game offers you a​ choice of​ playing a​ US Marine as​ well as​ a​ British S.A.S. This gives the​ game a​ unique global appeal as​ players are drawn to​ it​ with a​ sense of​ loyalty and patriotism. Drawn from the​ latest experiences of​ war,​ this game will take the​ player across the​ globe,​ from one extreme battleground to​ another,​ be it​ the​ Middle East or​ Russia. Rendering images from the​ worst offerings of​ modern warfare,​ you will be enthralled by the​ reality of​ war and its effects in​ the​ real world. All said and done,​ this game will surely keep you on​ your toes.

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