Video Games Playing With Imagination

Video Games Playing With Imagination

Video Games – Playing with Imagination!
It won’t be a​ bigger problem to​ find one video game lover in​ your neighbor .​
Since the​ introduction of​ Virtual Game,​ it​ has been achieving great heights so far as​ its popularity and technological advancement are concerned .​
The history of​ video game is​ as​ interesting as​ a​ fairy tale .​
The quality of​ today’s video game was not at​ all there when video game first conceptualized and played ever .​
During the​ formulative years,​ video games were created by using various interactive electronic devices with various display formats .​
The first ever video game was designed in​ 1947 by Thomas T .​
Goldsmith Jr .​
and Estle Ray Mann .​
(Source: the​ device was recognized as​ Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device .​
From Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device to​ Xbox 360,​ PlayStation series or​ Nintendo WII,​ the​ story behind video games and accessories is​ really very creative and adventurous .​
Recently played video games are quite developed and they are more interactive than the​ earlier video games .​
From analog video game design to​ 2D and 3D video games all have their own charm and video game lovers try to​ play all sorts of​ video games .​
In this respect our team talked to​ John,​ who lives in​ Sidney,​ Australia .​
When he was asked about his preference about the​ type of​ video game,​ he replied,​ Let me make it​ clear from the​ very beginning that I’m really crazy about video games .​
I’ve been playing video games since I​ gained consciousness…LOL…Really I’m serious .​
My father owns a​ video game store here in​ Sidney and we​ are still managing the​ same store .​
The only difference that you may find is​ the​ shelves .​
The old analog video games were replaced by 2D and 3D video games .​
We have several regular customers and they very often come to​ our store and ask for the​ LATEST .​
I​ too ask about their preference and they say they love to​ try any sort of​ video games .​
What ever that is​ competitive,​ they love to​ play .​
So far playing excitement of​ video games is​ concerned,​ they can be compared with the​ soccer match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

It’s not the​ quality of​ video games that improves,​ researches and developments are too evident in​ video game accessories,​ too .​
Without such accessories,​ the​ real excitement of​ video games can not be enjoyed .​
It’s pretty easy to​ recognize video game accessories .​
The video game accessories are just like computer hard wares .​
If video games are software,​ the​ most important video game accessories are consoles and D-pad .​
Currently several companies are manufacturing video game accessories .​
Some of​ the​ major players in​ the​ industry are Microsoft,​ Sony and Nintendo .​
Microsoft’s Xbox 360,​ Sony’s PlayStation series and Nintendo’s WII are high in​ demand.
Xbox 360 is​ the​ second video game console introduced by Microsoft in​ the​ video game industry .​
This was developed in​ association with IBM,​ ATI and SiS .​
Xbox Live service enables players to​ compete online as​ well as​ players can download other relevant content from internet .​
Xbox 360 is​ the​ seventh generation game console and currently challenged by Sony’s Play Station 3 and Nintendo’s WII in​ the​ market .​
Xbox 360 has broken several video market records as​ it​ has completely been sold out on​ its first launch except in​ Japan .​
Till January 3,​ 2008,​ 17.7 million pieces are sold out with 6.3 million in​ the​ United States only .​
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