Valentines Day Party Games Elementary Kids

Valentines Day Party Games For Elementary Kids
If you are planning a​ Valentine's Day party for children,​ games are essential .​
Here are some games appropriate for the​ elementary-age crowd.
Bring in​ two large stuffed hearts (either pillows or​ just plush stuffed hearts) .​
Divide the​ kids into two teams and tell them they must run to​ the​ finish line with the​ heart between their legs .​
So they won't run as​ much as​ stumbled forth .​
Once they return to​ the​ group,​ they should take the​ heart and give it​ to​ the​ next child,​ who puts it​ between their legs and so on​ .​
Whichever group finishes the​ entire relay first wins .​
Give the​ children a​ couple rolls of​ toilet paper and instruct them to​ wrap another child mummy style .​
This is​ a​ popular game at​ Halloween,​ but in​ this case they are wrapping a​ present .​
Divide the​ kids into two teams and time them .​
The team that finishes first,​ wins,​ and gets to​ put a​ big red bow on​ their package.
Help elementary students remember some of​ the​ great couples by having them complete the​ match to​ a​ famous other half .​
For example,​ if​ you say Romeo their answer would be Juliet (hopefully) .​
To play this game,​ divide the​ kids into two groups and give each a​ buzzer or​ similar type item .​
Present the​ famous start of​ the​ pair .​
You might say,​ peanut butter and if​ one of​ the​ teams knows the​ match is​ jelly they will buzz in​ with their answer .​
Some other options are:
Eggs and (bacon)
Coffee and (sugar or​ cream is​ OK here)
Cinderella and (Prince Charming)
Cookies and (milk)
Kids love those little Valentine's candy conversation hearts available everywhere around Valentine's Day .​
Create a​ heart-stacking contest,​ which is​ a​ lot of​ fun and can create some team spirit .​
Initially,​ each child will get many hearts .​
Plan to​ have a​ few bags on​ hand if​ you are doing this game with a​ classroom full of​ kids .​
Have them build as​ high as​ they can with the​ hearts within in​ a​ given period of​ time (30 seconds to​ a​ minute is​ plenty) .​
If their contraption falls,​ they are out .​
Keep playing the​ game over and over again until you are down to​ two final contestants .​
Have everyone cheer him or​ her on​ as​ they try to​ build the​ highest (and longest lasting) tower of​ hearts .​
Be sure to​ have a​ prize for the​ winning architect.
This game is​ always a​ hit with kids because what kid doesn't love a​ good balloon? Give each child a​ balloon (not inflated) and have him or​ her blow it​ up .​
Have a​ target somewhere in​ the​ room,​ and in​ this case a​ big heart will do,​ and have them let go of​ their (untied) balloon in​ the​ direction of​ the​ target .​
Whoever gets their balloon the​ closest to​ the​ target gets a​ prize .​
If someone gets a​ direct hit,​ that's two prizes .​
Keep the​ target on​ the​ ground to​ make this game easier .​
Based on​ the​ ages and abilities of​ the​ kids in​ the​ group,​ you can have them stand close or​ somewhat far away from the​ target when they let their balloon go.
All kids love a​ good game of​ Bingo .​
For a​ seated game that might help the​ kids rest for a​ minute,​ play a​ game of​ Valentine's Day-themed bingo .​
The bingo squares might have pictures on​ them like hearts,​ flowers,​ cupid,​ arrows and the​ like .​
Be sure to​ have a​ prize for the​ winner,​ and play the​ game over and over so the​ kids can all have a​ turn at​ winning .​
To make everyone happy on​ this day of​ love,​ play a​ game of​ throwing the​ smile .​
Sit everyone in​ a​ circle and have one person smile wildly at​ the​ rest of​ the​ group .​
Everyone else must sit as​ stone-faced as​ possible .​
Then the​ person smiling dramatically wipes the​ smile off their face (by literally using their hand over their mouth in​ a​ swiping motion) and throws the​ smile to​ the​ next person in​ the​ circle .​
That person puts the​ smile on,​ and again makes a​ wild,​ silly smile at​ the​ group,​ then wipes it​ off and moves on​ .​
As soon as​ someone smirks or​ smiles that is​ not supposed to​ be smiling at​ that moment,​ they are out .​
It's harder than it​ sounds and kids often end up in​ gales of​ laughter,​ even when they're trying to​ be serious .​

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