Valentines Day Games Preschoolers

Valentines Day Games Preschoolers

Valentines Day Games For Preschoolers
If you are planning a​ Valentine's Day party for children,​ games are essential .​
Here are some games appropriate for the​ preschool crowd .​
Preschool-age children love to​ fish .​
You can create a​ fishing game with small toy fishing poles and hearts (as fish) .​
Use an​ empty plastic tub as​ your lake and put into it​ red hearts cut out of​ construction paper or​ cardstock .​
Each heart is​ good for a​ prize .​
One might be good for a​ Hershey's kiss,​ or​ other small candy,​ another might be for a​ small plastic heart .​
Put magnets on​ the​ cardstock hearts and a​ magnet on​ the​ fishing pole .​
Then the​ kids can fish for hearts and win a​ prize at​ the​ same time .​
Each child should only be allowed to​ catch one fish each .​
Preschoolers love balloons and you can create a​ heart target for them to​ aim their balloons at .​
Create a​ target out of​ cardboard or​ heavy cardstock and put it​ on​ the​ floor somewhere .​
You might want to​ have several targets on​ the​ floor .​
Give the​ kids balloons that have been blown up but aren't tied shut .​
Let them let go of​ the​ balloons in​ the​ direction of​ the​ target and see where their balloon lands .​
Be forewarned: kids will want to​ play this over and over again .​
So either have plenty of​ balloons ready to​ go (perhaps held closed with a​ clothespin) or​ have plenty of​ adults around who want to​ blow up balloon after balloon .​
You can also play a​ similar game by putting a​ heart target into a​ box or​ laundry basket and having the​ children try to​ hit the​ target with an​ inflated balloon .​
Be sure to​ provide prizes for everyone!
Preschool age children love a​ good game of​ Duck Duck Goose or​ Simon Says .​
For Valentine's Day,​ you can put a​ twist on​ these classic games .​
Have the​ kids play a​ game of​ Cupid,​ Cupid,​ Love instead of​ Duck,​ Duck,​ Goose or​ have them play Cupid Says instead of​ Simon Says .​
Be sure to​ add a​ smooch at​ the​ end of​ each order in​ Cupid Says or​ have the​ kids incorporate Valentine's Day activities,​ like Cupid says,​ give your neighbor a​ hug .​
This is​ a​ game young children love .​
Have them throw smiles at​ each other .​
Sit them in​ a​ circle and show them how the​ game will work .​
Only one person in​ the​ group will smile first .​
He or​ she will smile wildly and widely for the​ whole group .​
The rest of​ the​ group will not smile,​ not even a​ little tiny smirk .​
Once the​ smiling person is​ done,​ they will literally wipe the​ smile off their face and pass it​ to​ the​ next person in​ the​ group,​ who will repeat the​ wide smile and hope nobody laughs .​
The kids that laugh or​ smile are out of​ the​ game (those who should be stone-faced anyway) .​
The game can continue until only one stone-faced person is​ left .​
Be sure to​ provide every child with a​ fun prize just for trying .​
Preschool teachers might want to​ encourage creative thinking with a​ little game of​ Valentine's 20 questions .​
The teacher can have a​ visual in​ mind,​ which might be a​ heart,​ or​ Cupid,​ or​ a​ card or​ something relative to​ the​ holiday .​
The teacher says I'm thinking...: and the​ children must ask questions about what the​ teacher is​ thinking .​
The teacher can give tiny clues along the​ way especially if​ he or​ she is​ losing the​ interest of​ the​ younger children in​ the​ group .​
Whoever figures out what the​ teacher is​ thinking can be the​ next one to​ begin the​ next round of​ 20 questions .​
Be sure to​ ask the​ child what they are thinking before the​ next round begins or​ it​ could go on​ longer than it​ needs to!
Children love pin the​ tale on​ the​ donkey so why not pin the​ heart on​ Cupid? In this game,​ simply provide each child with a​ big red heart with his or​ her name on​ it .​
Have a​ big cutout of​ Cupid on​ a​ wall and blindfold each child,​ spin him or​ her around and have them stick their heart on​ Cupid (there should be adhesive of​ some sort on​ the​ back of​ the​ heart) .​
Once everyone has stuck their hearts,​ let them look at​ where they ended up .​

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