Using An Electronic Dog Collar For Training Your Dog

Using An Electronic Dog Collar For Training Your Dog

A dog is​ a​ man’s best friend; dogs protect him and his home. a​ dog owner has responsibilities as​ well,​ like food,​ shelter,​ training,​ and even making sure to​ provide a​ dog with the​ proper collar. Electronic dog collars are one of​ the​ most commonly used tools for training.

Electronic dog collars help to​ correct a​ dog’s misbehavior,​ train it​ to​ obey a​ certain way (even when off of​ a​ leash),​ and warn it​ of​ danger by sending signals,​ electronic shocks essentially,​ from the​ transmitter to​ the​ receiver. the​ degree of​ shock can be set for various sizes of​ dogs and there are collars of​ many different shapes and sizes. Eventually,​ a​ dog will learn to​ avoid misbehavior and an​ electronic collar will no longer be necessary. For those who don’t like the​ idea of​ electronically shocking their dog however,​ there are collars that have send mere warning tones.

Studies show that misbehaviors in​ dogs are pretty normal – barking at​ the​ mailman,​ jumping on​ a​ visitor,​ digging a​ hole in​ the​ backyard and even running after a​ jogger. But these behaviors can be excessive and troublesome,​ causing accidental energies,​ property damage,​ and harm to​ other people and even the​ dog itself.

Electronic dog collars were developed to​ help dog owners prevent these problems and they are especially effective in​ young dogs. Even though electric impulses may seem painful,​ they allow a​ dog owner to​ educate the​ animal without yelling or​ spanking it.

To use an​ electronic collar effectively,​ first let the​ dog adjust to​ the​ feel of​ it​ around its neck and then make sure to​ keep the​ transmitter with you​ at​ all times,​ as​ it​ is​ a​ powerful device.

Use the​ lowest possible stimulation level – only if​ your dog does not respond to​ shock level one should you​ increase the​ degree. if​ a​ dog panics or​ starts vocalizing,​ decrease the​ stimulation.

When a​ dog exhibits aggressive behavior,​ like biting,​ do not use the​ electronic collar. This kind of​ behavior is​ better suited for a​ professional trainer. And don’t use the​ collar arbitrarily – only when you​ want to​ deliver a​ command you​ plan on​ teaching the​ dog,​ should you​ use it. Furthermore,​ training sessions should be located in​ places your dog is​ familiar with and should be short,​ lasting 10 to​ 15 minutes long,​ and positive. a​ dog’s focus should be on​ the​ trainer and any good behavior should be rewarded through play or​ treats.

Don’t abuse or​ overuse the​ electronic collar,​ as​ that is​ animal abuse,​ a​ crime that can land you​ in​ prison. Remember,​ a​ dog is​ a​ man’s best friend.

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