Using A Computer To Record Telephone Conversations

Using a​ Computer to​ Record Telephone Conversations
Recording telephone conversations used to​ require expensive hardware and dedicated recording equipment .​
On the​ low end,​ one could use a​ simple wire to​ connect a​ phone handset with a​ tape recorder .​
An office with multiple phone lines would need expensive solutions that integrate a​ PBX with call recording .​
PBXpress is​ a​ great example of​ this approach,​ providing effective simultaneous recording of​ analog and digital (VoIP) telephone conversations over multiple lines.
But what if​ you only need to​ tap certain conversations once in​ a​ while? Purchasing expensive hardware is​ not nearly cost-effective in​ this case .​
Using a​ tape recorder is​ always an​ option,​ but it​ does not give you the​ convenience of​ digital,​ its user-friendly instant navigation and transparent search.
Using a​ computer to​ handle the​ recording is​ perfect for the​ purpose .​
Surprisingly,​ you might already have the​ necessary equipment to​ start recording phone conversations immediately .​
a​ simple voice modem is​ the​ only hardware you need .​
It is​ fully capable and sufficient to​ record your phone conversations .​
Have a​ close look at​ your modem .​
If it​ is​ marked Voice or​ Data/Fax/Voice,​ you can use this modem for tapping .​
If,​ however,​ it​ is​ labeled as​ Data/Fax or​ Fax Modem,​ then most probably your modem does not support the​ necessary voice features,​ and therefore it​ won't be able to​ record.
Having a​ voice modem alone is​ not enough to​ record calls .​
You need call recording software to​ complement your modem .​
The software would control your modem,​ record and store conversations on​ your hard disk .​
In the​ past,​ modem manufacturers used to​ bundle such software with their modems,​ but this is​ not the​ case today .​
Currently,​ you are on​ your own if​ you need software that can record your calls.
Call Corder by Pingram Software is​ one of​ such products .​
Its purpose is​ recording telephone conversations,​ compressing them,​ and storing in​ Windows compatible sound files that can be played back with Windows Media Player,​ Winamp,​ or​ any other music player.
Call Corder supports most brands of​ modemd .​
If it​ can't find an​ exact match for your hardware,​ it​ defaults to​ the​ closest generic device .​
If you are recording an​ incoming call,​ Call Corder will log Caller ID information provided by your modem .​
This usually includes caller's name and number .​
In order to​ receive this call information,​ you have to​ subscribe to​ the​ Caller ID service offered by your phone company .​
If you do not have Caller ID,​ you can always fill in​ the​ caller data by hand.
Make marks and memos about the​ conversation while you're recording or​ when you're finished .​
You can conveniently search for a​ particular call by typing any word or​ phrase that's in​ the​ call's memo,​ and Call Corder will automatically show you all conversations containing this information .​
Of course,​ you can also search by the​ telephone number or​ the​ name of​ the​ caller.
Try Call Corder free for 30 days to​ ensure that your modem is​ compatible! Download your free evaluation copy from

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