Used Computers Are By Far The Cheapest Solution

Used Computers are by far the​ cheapest solution
Cheap computers are everywhere .​
Dell is​ offering some stupidly priced computer hardware at​ the​ moment,​ all with a​ view to​ beating the​ online shopping market .​
the​ point is,​ this isn't really conducive with an​ ethical,​ environmentally friendly solution and is​ simply keeping Dell gainfully employed.
Low cost computers can also mean second hand and there's a​ few good reasons to​ buying used.
1) the​ processing power of​ a​ used computer may not be much less than that currently on​ offer by the​ Manufacturer
2) You don't need the​ latest and fastest computer to​ produce a​ spreadsheet,​ surf the​ web,​ write emails and write letters.
3) a​ used computer has been road-tested .​
It's not going to​ fail on​ you any time soon.
There's other reasons to​ get a​ used computer,​ but basically,​ that second hand unit you've been looking at​ will probably do most of​ the​ things you need your IT hardware to​ fulfill .​
Even the​ monitor doesn't have to​ be new .​
You may think that a​ brand new flat screen TFT is​ best with lower energy consumption and a​ small footprint,​ leaving loads of​ desk space .​
a​ flast screen monitor may be a​ great solution for some,​ but a​ used CRT screen is​ better for gaming,​ graphic design and photography .​
They're a​ proven and refined technology .​
They offer multisync solutions,​ allowing you to​ change resolutions and refresh rates on​ the​ fly,​ with every resolution being native (TFTs have one native refresh rate and the​ rest are emulated).
A CRT is​ pretty much as​ good as​ a​ TFT when it​ comes to​ energy efficiency .​
There's only a​ few watts in​ it​ and as​ long as​ you turn everything off at​ the​ mains once done each day,​ you won't see a​ marked increase in​ your electrical bill .​
a​ naturally flat CRT screen will give you the​ added benefit of​ super fast refresh rates and be able to​ keep up with the​ latest games on​ the​ market- all at​ a​ very low cost.
Cheap used laptops do however have some downsides .​
These include the​ battery life and general wear and tear of​ the​ unit from it's previous owner .​
Saying all that,​ as​ long as​ it's been relatively well looked after,​ it'll give you a​ great solution for emails and writing on​ the​ move .​
Not only that,​ but if​ it's stolen,​ you won't have lost as​ much money.

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