Use Online Games To Escape Reality And Have Fun

Use Online Games To Escape Reality And Have Fun
Whether one is​ a​ student or​ is​ working in​ some sort of​ profession,​ everyone can use a​ break from the​ everyday stresses of​ life .​
As such,​ more and more people are looking for ways to​ engage their minds in​ something other than just the​ normal escapes,​ like television.
In this age of​ technology,​ computers are now a​ crucial part of​ millions of​ people’s lives .​
However,​ computers can be used for so much more than just typing papers or​ checking e-mail .​
Indeed,​ computers are now great hobbies within themselves,​ and many people are now discovering how much fun it​ is​ to​ play an​ online role playing games.
An online multiplayer game is​ one that a​ gamer plays while staying connected to​ the​ Internet,​ against or​ with other Internet players .​
While playing you can also interact with thousands of​ other players on​ the​ server where the​ game is​ hosted .​
Since these games involve thousands of​ gamers playing simultaneously with each other in​ a​ giant virtual world,​ they are also called Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) .​
These were made possible only with the​ growth of​ broadband Internet access .​
[Examples: World of​ Warcraft,​ Guild Wars] .​
In some online multiplayer games you can interact with only a​ few members with whom you can team up [Examples: America’s Army,​ Counter Strike Source].
MMOGs are very big business nowadays though they are a​ relatively new phenomenon .​
Their popularity started climbing in​ the​ late 1990s when two games – Everquest and Ultima Online – caught on​ in​ a​ big way .​
First-person shooters such as​ Quake,​ Unreal Tournament,​ Counter Strike and Warcraft 3 are also immensely popular online multiplayer games,​ but they are not MMOGs .​
Up to​ recently,​ these games were played only on​ the​ computer .​
However,​ they are catching up fast on​ consoles too .​
Final Fantasy XI and Everquest Online Adventures are games that are big hits on​ video console circuit .​
Online gaming on​ mobile phones has begu​n too,​ but it​ has yet to​ make a​ mark because there are many technological restrictions as​ of​ now.
Online role playing games are becoming more and more common among the​ computer savvy .​
However,​ there are still many people who regularly use computers,​ yet have no idea what exactly an​ online role playing game is.
Simply put,​ an​ online role playing game is​ much like games from childhood,​ in​ that players become a​ certain character,​ and work with other players to​ create scenarios within the​ game itself .​
The amount of​ creative freedom that players can have within these types of​ games is​ what makes online role playing games so popular in​ the​ first place.
One of​ the​ more popular online role playing games is​ one by the​ name of​ “Guild Wars.” In this game,​ a​ player can choose to​ play against other players,​ or​ play against the​ environment itself .​
There are four unique characters that a​ player can choose to​ become,​ and once that is​ established,​ the​ player can choose from the​ classes of​ Mesmer,​ Ranger,​ Monk,​ Elementalist,​ Necromancer,​ or​ Warrior.
Today many different styles of​ massively multiplayer games are available,​ such as: (i) MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games) .​
(ii) MMORTS (Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy games) .​
(iii) MMOFPS (Massively multiplayer online first-person shooter games)
Online role playing games can be found on​ many different websites via free or​ paid download .​
It should be noted that free games generally are not as​ advanced as​ the​ paid games,​ so free games are a​ good idea for novices .​
For those who have patience and are intrigued by the​ idea of​ creating alternative realities,​ online role playing games are indeed an​ interesting hobby

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