URL Is One Of The Important Elements Of SEO And Affects Your Page Rank

URL Is One Of The Important Elements Of SEO And Affects Your Page Rank

How important are URLs in​ SEO?
Importance of​ URLs from the​ SEO point of​ view is​ highly controversial question. in​ the​ hundreds of​ search engine algorithms is​ it​ an​ important one to​ be looked by the​ search engines? According to​ some SEO experts,​ placing keywords in​ the​ URL is​ vital for your website but highlighting your brand name in​ the​ URL is​ equally important. on​ the​ other side some SEO gurus never support keyword rich URLS while indexed by the​ search engines.
What exactly constitutes a​ search engine friendly URL?
There should be bit relevance between the​ URL text and the​ content on​ the​ corresponding webpage. This level of​ relevance between the​ URL text and the​ content on​ the​ corresponding webpage determines the​ page success on​ the​ search engine algorithm level. Relevant URLs seems informative to​ the​ web browsers and search engine spiders also supported by the​ search engine spiders. Targeting keywords in​ the​ web URL is​ a​ great idea to​ get higher ranking in​ the​ search engine results.
Keyword oriented Vs Brand Promoting URL

Does your URL should be keyword rich or​ it​ should be promoting your brand is​ a​ million dollar question. if​ you​ are using a​ keyword oriented URL it​ is​ definitely going to​ boost up your website at​ SEO level but it​ will be unable to​ promote your brand identity in​ the​ market. So what should be the​ best idea? a​ search engine friendly URL or​ a​ URL reflecting your brand name?

Your URL is​ the​ first step of​ your online presence used for you​ branding in​ the​ market. the​ URL should be catchy and appealing for the​ web users but it​ should be search engine friendly as​ well and it​ will be another advantage. While crawling the​ web pages search engine spiders also consider pages having the​ search term in​ the​ URL. So,​ search engine friendly or​ keyword rich URL will definitely be going to​ boost up your online business by ranking you​ top on​ the​ search engines.

All the​ major search engines do support the​ indexing of​ keyword rich URLs. Portion of​ the​ URL matching to​ the​ search query is​ always displayed in​ bold in​ the​ Google and Yahoo search engine results. Top 20 URLs is​ the​ search engine results are which contain the​ search string.

Some characteristics of​ the​ successful URLs are as​ follows:
Ideal URLs are short and simple. Shorter is​ always better. Short web addresses are always top on​ the​ popularity charts as​ they are easy to​ remember so the​ typing mistakes are least possible with short URLS.
A successful URL should be the​ descriptive one. the​ URLs should be a​ preview of​ your products and services.
A URL easy to​ remember always performs better as​ compared to​ the​ complicated one.
A successful URL requires a​ bit creativity to​ combine with the​ unique feature of​ simplicity and descriptiveness to​ display it​ in​ the​ first encounter. For example,​ a​ URL after your name or​ your firm's name,​ may not-in the​ long run-be the​ best choice.

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