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United Cash Loans
What do you​ do when payday comes three days too late to​ help you​ out of​ a​ financial jam? If you’re like an​ increasing number of​ people,​ you​ turn to​ a​ provider like United Cash Loans to​ help you​ get through .​
United Cash Loans makes short-term personal loans of​ $100 to​ $500 .​
Your loan is​ usually approved within hours,​ and you​ have your cash loan in​ your bank account the​ same day.
Who Qualifies for United Cash Loans?
Most cash payday loan providers don’t do credit checks,​ and their requirements for issuing a​ loan are simple .​
In a​ nutshell:
- you​ must be 18 or​ over – old enough to​ sign a​ legally binding contract.
- you​ must have a​ verifiable source of​ regular income.
- you​ must have at​ least $1000 a​ month verifiable income.
- you​ must have an​ active checking account.
How Do I​ Apply for United Cash Loans?
Applying for an​ online cash payday loan is​ simple – but you​ still need to​ take it​ seriously .​
With most companies,​ you​ simple fill out a​ simple loan application form – it​ usually takes about two minutes .​
The form will ask you​ to​ fill in​ contact details and answer a​ few simple questions .​
a​ loan officer from the​ payday loans company will call you​ back within in​ hour to​ discuss your loan needs with you​ and see you​ through the​ remainder of​ the​ application process.
How Do I​ Get My Money If I’m Approved?
When you​ apply for most payday loans,​ you’ll agree to​ let the​ loan company make an​ EFT deposit to​ your checking account .​
Other companies will send the​ money to​ you​ via Western Union.
There are a​ lot of​ unscrupulous companies out there .​
The attorney general’s office recommends the​ following if​ you​ choose to​ apply for any cash advance payday loans.
1 .​
Research the​ company before doing business with them .​
Make sure that you​ have a​ street address and telephone number where they can be contacted .​
Check online with the​ Better Business Bureau to​ see if​ there are outstanding complaints.
2 .​
Read the​ terms and conditions of​ your loan completely to​ make sure that you​ understand what you​ are agreeing to.
3 .​
Shop around to​ get the​ best deal for your payday loans .​
There’s a​ wide variance in​ the​ amount of​ the​ borrower’s fee that you’ll pay to​ difference companies – from $12 to​ $30 per $100 borrowed.

United Cash Loans

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