Understanding SEO

Understanding SEO

To build your Internet marketing success for your home business you​ must understand search engines and how their optimization helps you​ grow your online business traffic. Search engine optimization (SEO)is a​ strong part of​ your Internet marketing plan. Here is​ what it’s all about.

The Internet,​ your number one home business source for marketing,​ is​ made up of​ hundreds of​ millions of​ Web pages at​ this point. Most consumers,​ in​ order to​ find the​ pages on​ the​ topics they need turn to​ search engines. These search engines are designed to​ help consumers find their way to​ other relevant sites.

While each search engine has its own way of​ working,​ there are three key tasks that all perform. Whether the​ search engine is​ MSN,​ Google,​ Ask.Com,​ Yahoo or​ one of​ the​ myriad of​ other search engines out there,​ it​ searches the​ Internet based on​ various key words. it​ then keeps its own index of​ the​ words that it​ finds and where it​ has found them. the​ third common activity of​ these search engines is​ to​ allow any consumer to​ search through these words or​ word combinations that are stored in​ the​ search engine’s index.

When the​ first search engines were introduced,​ and before home business and its Internet and affiliate marketing was as​ prominent as​ they are today,​ a​ search engine might have to​ handle as​ many as​ two thousand consumer inquiries daily. Now the​ top 10 search engines typically each have an​ index that holds many hundreds of​ millions of​ Web pages. Each must respond to​ several million daily search queries.

What’s important here,​ to​ the​ new home business owner who needs to​ accomplish some productive Internet marketing,​ is​ that her or​ his business Web site is​ found often and easily and towards the​ top of​ the​ returns on​ these search engines when a​ consumer conducts a​ query. Search engine optimization and smart affiliate marketing are the​ tools to​ make this happen.

There are two key elements to​ a​ home business Web site being found on​ a​ major search engine. the​ Internet marketing ploy here is​ two-pronged. the​ home business owner must choose the​ right key words to​ place on​ the​ site,​ and those words must be located in​ the​ right place on​ the​ page. Important places for important words are titles,​ subtitles and the​ first paragraph of​ the​ landing page.

To understand home business Internet marketing through search engine optimization you​ must understand meta tags.

What these helpful little Internet marketing buddies do is​ let the​ page owner specify chosen key concepts and words under which he or​ she wants the​ page and site to​ be indexed. the​ best way this helps the​ home business’ Internet marketing strategy is​ by clarifying words for which there are multiple meanings. the​ problem with meta tags,​ and one which a​ good search engine spider will resolve,​ is​ that an​ unscrupulous,​ fraudulent or​ careless site owner can place meta tags of​ popular keywords to​ bring consumers to​ his or​ her site when the​ site has little if​ anything to​ do with the​ keyword.

Obviously nothing is​ perfect or​ fraud-free,​ but SEO is​ still one of​ the​ best means for Internet marketing and affiliate marketing your home business.

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