Ultrametabolism The Simple Plan For Automatic Weight Loss

Ultrametabolism The Simple Plan For Automatic Weight Loss

What's the​ greatest threat facing our civilization? (No,​ it's not the​ Islamic jihad.) It's obesity. Due to​ its attendant health and economic costs,​ scientists predict that obesity alone will topple economic and social structures,​ induce a​ wide range of​ dire diseases,​ and drastically cut short Americans' life spans.

These are more than another set of​ statistics -- they predict things that can and will affect you,​ your family,​ your health,​ and your pocketbook. if​ you are among the​ two thirds of​ adult Americans struggling to​ escape escalating weight gain,​ (or even if​ you're teetering on​ the​ edge with ten persistent pounds you can't seem to​ lose),​ as​ a​ physician,​ I recommend that you take action to​ lose weight and protect your future health.

And I have good news for you. I've developed a​ simple plan to​ help you lose weight automatically based on​ a​ new scientific breakthrough.

Despite the​ abysmal failure of​ conventional medical approaches,​ this plan is​ different because it's based on​ recent,​ groundbreaking scientific research,​ research that I predict will totally revolutionize weight loss and change the​ landscape of​ medicine as​ we​ know it.

Many of​ the​ answers to​ our weight and health problems are buried in​ thousands of​ research papers. With the​ aid of​ a​ number of​ very brilliant thinkers and scientists,​ I've gathered and synthesized the​ greatest advances in​ medical science over the​ last 20 years -- advances that usually take decades to​ get incorporated into medical practice. Translated into a​ simple program that has brought easy,​ sustainable weight loss to​ thousands of​ people,​ you can access them today.

In the​ recent past,​ many pundits theorized that society-wide weight gain was due to​ our genes. in​ a​ sense,​ they were right,​ but genes only tell half the​ story. we​ share the​ same genes as​ our hunter- gatherer forebears who foraged in​ the​ woods and hunted wild game 20,​000 years ago. What's changed is​ the​ environment within which our genes operate.

Up until modern times,​ man's natural environment supplied the​ foods we​ were genetically programmed to​ eat. But with the​ advent of​ industrialized agriculture and food production,​ we​ began eating mass-produced and processed foods that genetically program us to​ add pounds.

Here's how:

Food is​ information -- not just calories -- and food information speaks to​ our genes,​ turning some genes ON and other genes OFF. That's why it's genes,​ not calories,​ that count.

Until recently,​ scientists believed that the​ critical mechanism for weight loss was caloric intake and expenditure -- you eat little and exercise hard to​ lose each pound. But that's hard to​ do and harder to​ maintain,​ recent scientific studies reveal (and no doubt not surprising to​ anyone who has tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to​ lose weight).

Using the​ caloric mechanism for weight loss is​ a​ bit like manually cranking a​ lever to​ open your garage door inch-by-inch and then having to​ hold the​ door open. Wouldn't you rather push the​ button that activates the​ circuitry to​ open your garage door automatically?

To do that for weight loss,​ you have to​ access the​ master biological mechanisms controlling weight loss and weight gain. Using those mechanisms opens the​ door to​ automatic weight loss. the​ recent scientific discoveries I've assembled decode the​ instruction manual of​ our basic biology. at​ last,​ we​ can control the​ master mechanisms: our genes themselves.

The new genetic science (called Functional Medicine) teaches that our genes interact intimately with our environment. Every bite of​ food we​ eat,​ every thought we​ think,​ every stress we​ experience,​ or​ toxin we​ inhale carries a​ specific message to​ our genes,​ turning them on​ (or off),​ and telling them how to​ behave.

As a​ result,​ our genes are programmed moment-by-moment to​ actively create either weight loss or​ weight gain. Scientists have tracked exactly how all the​ different foods trigger the​ messages sent to​ your genes. With that knowledge,​ you can give your body the​ foods that work in​ your favor -- and avoid ones that don't.

For instance,​ for decades,​ people were warned to​ avoid fats at​ all costs,​ but now we​ know that the​ type of​ fat you eat is​ more important than the​ amount of​ fat you eat. the​ new science traces the​ biological impact of​ good fats,​ like the​ omega-3 fatty acids (contained in​ fish,​ fish oils,​ certain nuts and many other foods) and bad fats like the​ trans-fats contained in​ many processed foods.

What researchers found is​ that good fats turn on​ your body's fat burning genes and bad fats turn off the​ fat burning genes. When you consume EPA or​ DHA,​ both omega-3 fatty acids,​ they access a​ metabolic gateway called the​ PPAR receptor,​ to​ activate genes that increase your metabolism,​ help you burn fat,​ and assist you in​ processing bodily glucose more effectively so that foods won't get stored as​ fat.

It's as​ if​ the​ EPA and DHA opens up an​ extra lane on​ your hormonal superhighway,​ making for a​ smooth and easy route towards slimness and health. That's why,​ for automatic weight loss,​ I recommend adding EPA and DHA (both found in​ fish oil) to​ your diet,​ beginning today. On the​ other hand,​ unhealthy transfats (such as​ found in​ many processed and fast foods) act as​ a​ metabolic roadblock to​ weight loss,​ and if​ you eat them,​ you may find yourself crawling along at​ a​ snail's pace,​ going nowhere.

These are just two of​ the​ hundreds of​ ways that you'll learn to​ awaken the​ fat-burning code hidden in​ your DNA. in​ my new book,​ UltraMetabolism,​ due out in​ March,​ 2006,​ you'll discover a​ wide range of​ foods that tell your genes to​ shed pounds,​ while learning to​ avoid the​ many other foods that tell your genes to​ pack on​ the​ pounds. Eating the​ foods right for your genes allows you to​ literally program your body to​ lose weight automatically,​ even as​ you sleep!

And that is​ the​ key: be simply learning to​ eat the​ foods that ignite your body's fat burning engines,​ and avoiding the​ foods that snuff out these engines,​ you finally begin the​ process of​ working WITH your body,​ instead of​ against it​ -- something that all fad diets fail to​ do,​ which is​ why they all fail in​ the​ long-run.

But,​ because UltraMetabolism teaches a​ simple plan to​ harness your body's own powerful fat burning forces -- ones that have evolved over millions of​ years -- you are actually programming your body to​ lose weight,​ automatically.

Why struggle and suffer with ineffective diets when you can actually teach your body to​ be slim and healthy? With the​ simple two-step plan I've developed,​ you can program your body to​ lose weight automatically. in​ the​ first step,​ you eliminate all of​ the​ bad foods that slow your metabolism,​ make you feel lethargic and lead to​ disease; in​ the​ second step,​ you add the​ good foods that crank up your metabolism,​ boost your energy and revitalize your health.

Twenty-first century weight loss is​ easier than you've ever dreamed. And it's something that I am confident about since I've treated over 2,​000 patients,​ many of​ whom have experienced the​ very same automatic weight loss that I've described here.

My message to​ you is​ simple: if​ you want to​ fit into your jeans,​ you have to​ learn to​ fit into your genes!

Mark Hyman,​ M.D.

Ultrametabolism The Simple Plan For Automatic Weight Loss

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