Ultimate Web Hosting Aimed For SEO

Do you​ ever think of​ why your website can’t ranked top in​ search engines,​ or​ never been listed in​ search engine? Think again… you​ might choose the​ wrong web hosting plan!

Yes,​ a​ lousy hosting provider with slow server and bad uptime,​ tons of​ downtime… will google get this site listed on​ top 1 of​ the​ search result (SERP) ??? Definitely this is​ not going to​ happened. Poor quality site will never ranked,​ poor quality host will never ranked either.

Over the​ pass 5 years in​ using web hosting,​ and late 1 year in​ hosting reviews writing,​ I had come across few hosting provider that I blacklisted as​ ‘SEO failure host’. Those hosting either have search engine bots blocked or​ having a​ bad server. Some hosting does block the​ google bots,​ just to​ save on​ server usage and internet bandwidth. Regardless shared hosting or​ reseller hosting,​ they will blocked it. We have seen this at​ dreamhost and godaddy. After the​ server is​ off loaded with SE bots,​ they can sell more hosting plan. This is​ bad news!

I come across few hosting provider that helps my websites and blog to​ get listed in​ top 5 of​ google search engines. And the​ hosting is​ hostgator. Hostgator is​ offering discounts sign up by the​ use of​ proper hostgator coupons code. My websites will have tons of​ hostgator coupons for you​ to​ choose from.

Demo hostgator website and comprehensive hostgator reviews at​ http://www.hostgatorreview.org/hostgator/hostgator-review/ and get your Hostgator coupons at​ http://www.hostgatorreview.org/hostgator/hostgator-coupon/ and reseller reviews at​ here http://www.hostgatorreview.org/hostgator/hostgator-reseller/

Conclusion is​ that,​ a​ good hosting will permit your website to​ get listed in​ search engines! My sites listed!

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