Types Of Student Loans

Types Of Student Loans
Paying for college sometimes means using student loans .​
Student loans are specifically designed to​ help students meet the​ costs of​ a​ higher education .​
Most student loans offer good deals on​ tax credits,​ payback and interest rates .​
However,​ before getting a​ student loan it​ is​ important to​ consider the​ different types of​ student loans and where to​ go to​ get one.
Student loans can come from private lenders,​ colleges or​ the​ federal government .​
Federal loans are often guaranteed,​ which means no collateral is​ needed to​ obtain the​ loan .​
The Federal Stafford Loan is​ a​ commonly used government loan that provides low interest rates .​
Some Stafford Loans are based on​ income and others are not .​
Subsidized loans are based on​ income and the​ government pays interest until the​ student begins repayment .​
An unstudied loan Leaves all interest up to​ the​ student .​
There is​ also the​ Federal PLUS loan that parents can take out for students .​
Besides the​ government loans there are bank loans .​
Loans through banks differ in​ payment options and interest rates .​
Most banks will require some form of​ collateral for the​ loan .​
Collateral is​ something that the​ bank will get if​ the​ loan is​ not paid .​
State loans can be more expensive than government loans and are usually handled through banks .​
College loans are the​ most costly and should only be used on​ an​ emergency basis .​
There are also special loans that a​ student may apply for based upon certain factors,​ like military affiliation.
Once a​ loan is​ secured reading and understanding it​ is​ essential .​
a​ student should understand about repayment,​ interest rates and any limits on​ amounts they can borrow .​
Understanding where to​ go get a​ loan is​ also important .​
Student loans may be the​ only way to​ ensure a​ student can afford college,​ so getting to​ know the​ options is​ a​ good place to​ start.

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