Types Of Hypoallergenic Hunting Dogs

Types of​ Hypoallergenic Hunting Dogs
Hunting dogs,​ though traditionally used for hunting small game including foxes,​ rabbits,​ and others,​ have become household pets to​ many .​
Intelligent,​ graceful,​ and energetic,​ these dogs can bring joy and comfort to​ any home .​
Hypoallergenic hunting dogs are available for those who have problems with dog allergies .​
Three popular breeds include the​ German Shorthaired Pointer,​ the​ Afghan Hound,​ and the​ Basenji .​
The German Shorthaired Pointer still used for hunting purposes today,​ is​ also considered a​ good choice for a​ family dog .​
The dog has a​ short coat that can be brushed easily .​
a​ short coat will not shed as​ much as​ longer coats and will not hold as​ much dander either .​
This is​ why the​ German Shorthaired Pointer is​ an​ excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies .​
Long and lean,​ these dogs are very friendly and enjoy getting their exercise .​
Not much extra care is​ needed as​ the​ dogs do not have to​ be groomed often and they should only be bathed when they are extremely dirty .​
A cross between a​ German Pointer and an​ English Pointer,​ the​ German Shorthaired Pointer is​ a​ good dog to​ have when on​ a​ hunt .​
The dog responds to​ noise and movement very quickly and is​ a​ loyal companion to​ have when outdoors .​
The Afghan Hound may not look like a​ hypoallergenic dog with its long hair,​ but since the​ hair is​ similar to​ human hair,​ the​ dogs do not shed as​ frequently,​ which cause fewer allergy issues for owners and those who visit .​
While this dog was once used to​ hunt foxes,​ wolves,​ and deer,​ it​ is​ not longer used today .​
Instead,​ it​ is​ kept as​ a​ pet or​ for dog showing .​
With its beautiful brown coat,​ this dog is​ a​ showpiece .​
The Afghan hound is​ a​ pleasant dog,​ but it​ does not take commands as​ often as​ it​ should .​
Unlike other hypoallergenic breeds,​ this dog will ignore commands made by its owner on​ occasion as​ it​ tries to​ maintain its independence .​
If you​ are looking for a​ dog that is​ easy to​ control,​ the​ Afghan Hound may not be the​ one for you​ .​
The Basenji is​ one of​ the​ few breeds of​ hypoallergenic dog that does not bark .​
It will imitate sounds heard in​ its environment,​ but it​ does not bark on​ its own .​
Instead,​ the​ dog will yelp once or​ twice,​ but otherwise,​ it​ is​ a​ very quiet breed .​
If you​ live in​ an​ apartment,​ this dog is​ a​ good choice .​
Small dogs that originated in​ Africa,​ the​ Basenji is​ no longer used for hunting .​
The dog has shorter hair that does not shed as​ often .​
This is​ another reason why it​ is​ a​ popular hypoallergenic breed .​
The Basenji,​ like the​ Afghan Hound does not take commands too often from owners .​
The dog is​ quiet,​ but likes to​ explore new places .​
This dog has been compared to​ a​ cat in​ terms of​ its behavior and temperament .​
While you​ may be able to​ train the​ dog to​ perform certain tasks,​ many times the​ Basenji will not want to​ obey .​

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