Types Of Dog Obedience Training Available For Your Pit Bull Terrier

Types Of Dog Obedience Training Available For Your Pit Bull Terrier

More and more Pit Bull owners are realizing the​ benefits of​ training their dogs. There are several reasons why an​ owner would like to​ train their pet,​ other than just the​ obvious housebreaking which is​ mandatory. a​ pet which is​ well trained,​ no matter the​ breed,​ is​ a​ pet liked and admired by any and all that come in​ contact with him. All pets,​ and certainly the​ Pit Bull,​ can not only benefit themselves,​ but their entire breed by making a​ good showing around company.

Responsible Pit Bull owners are now seeing the​ light that the​ only way to​ combat the​ negative attack campaign the​ media has launched against our misunderstood breed is​ to​ make sure our pets make a​ good showing no matter where they go.

As a​ responsible Pit Bull owner,​ you​ have several training options available for your use. Which method you​ choose to​ use for training your Pit Bull is​ solely left up to​ your own discretion. it​ is​ highly recommended that before you​ train your Pit Bull that you​ are up to​ the​ task at​ hand,​ and fully understand the​ training method you​ choose to​ use.

Here are several popular training types being used by trainers today.

After the​ Fact Discipline: This type of​ training is​ not recommended because it​ is​ not effective. it​ has been used for correcting behavior after an​ act has happened,​ rather than focusing on​ the​ prevention of​ the​ act.

Clicker Training: This type of​ training is​ a​ method of​ teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors with a​ motivational style. the​ goal of​ clicker training is​ to​ teach the​ dog obedience while avoiding harmful punishments.

Eclectic Training Method: Combines several different training methods,​ while emphasizing the​ method which seems to​ deliver the​ best behavioral results. This method uses the​ different methods to​ reinforce each other.

Koehler Method: This method has been deemed a​ heavy handed style of​ dog training which to​ many is​ simply too harsh. This method combines physical correction with the​ after-the-fact training style.

Lure Training: Lure training is​ great for nearly all dogs. it​ uses something that the​ dog likes,​ such as​ a​ toy or​ a​ special treat to​ teach commands. Over time,​ the​ lure is​ slowly removed from the​ training. Lure training is​ great for puppies as​ well as​ timid or​ dogs which are difficult to​ train. This method of​ training often succeeds where other fail.

Play Training: Play training is​ a​ motivational training method which takes two of​ the​ dog’s primary drives,​ play and prey,​ and combines it​ into a​ fun filled training session which the​ dogs love. you​ know your Pit Bull better than anyone,​ so it​ is​ up to​ you​ how you’d like to​ go about training him. By picking a​ method which you​ think would appeal to​ you​ both,​ you’ll insure a​ successful experience in​ training your Pit Bull.

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