Two Vital Tools For SEO Well For Me

Two Vital Tools For SEO Well For Me

The Internet has revolutionized business and you​ need a​ presence to​ make money in​ the​ digital age. While everyone has their favorite tools,​ I prefer two in​ particular.

Two Vital Tools For SEO – Well,​ For Me

Most businesses build sites without really having a​ clue regarding how to​ go about it. the​ first step in​ developing a​ business site is​ not building it. Instead,​ you​ have to​ focus on​ the​ internet marketing aspect of​ the​ business and design accordingly. to​ this end,​ there are two tools that can be considered from my point of​ view.

The single best tool you​ need to​ become familiar with is​ Wordtracker. This tool is​ the​ proverbial golden egg of​ Internet marketing. Wordtracker lets you​ take a​ keyword and find out all the​ phrases people are using that incorporate the​ keyword. you​ can then take the​ list of​ keywords and find out how many searches are occurring on​ any of​ the​ big search engines – Yahoo,​ Google and MSN. on​ top of​ this,​ you​ can also determine how difficult it​ will be to​ get top rankings for the​ keyword phrases through search engine optimization.

Wordtracker is​ great because it​ allows you​ to​ determine if​ there is​ a​ market for your idea before you​ waste time and money on​ it. it​ can also be used to​ come up with ideas for sites. you​ simply type in​ a​ keyword like “travel” and see if​ there is​ a​ niche with a​ lot of​ traffic and a​ nominal amount of​ competition for rankings. if​ you​ find the​ niche,​ you​ tailor a​ business idea to​ it​ and make a​ boatload of​ money.

As if​ Wordtracker isn’t enough,​ there is​ a​ second tool I have come to​ love. Introducing the​ article directory. the​ key to​ being really profitable on​ the​ Internet is​ getting free traffic. you​ do this through search engine optimization or​ by getting publicity. With either area,​ this has traditionally been accomplished through link trading. Essentially,​ you​ agree to​ put another persons link on​ your site in​ exchange for them doing the​ same with yours. as​ you​ might imagine,​ it​ takes a​ long time to​ build up enough links to​ get high rankings and publicity. Article directories solve this problem,​ which makes them great internet marketing tools.

An article directory is​ exactly what it​ sounds like. you​ write an​ article and deposit it​ in​ the​ directory. Webmaster and editors from all over the​ world search the​ directories looking for content for their sites. When they republish your article,​ you​ get free publicity. Even better,​ you​ will create links in​ the​ author area of​ your article and they will publish those on​ their site as​ well. you​ are either reading this article in​ a​ directory or​ it​ came from one. or​ someone ripped me off…lol.

Everyone has there favorite tools they use to​ have a​ go at​ marketing and seo. I prefer these,​ but others would argue for others. in​ response,​ all I can say is​ this work for me and I am far too lazy to​ go find something new.

Two Vital Tools For SEO Well For Me

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