Turn A Dog Poster Into A Work Of Art

Turn A Dog Poster Into A Work Of Art

I know what you​ must be thinking. a​ dog poster? a​ work of​ art?

When we think of​ the​ word,​ 'poster,​' most of​ us imagine a​ garish,​ wrinkled picture with tattered corners and torn edges,​ scotch-taped to​ the​ back of​ teen-ager's bedroom door or​ a​ college student's dormitory wall.

Certainly,​ not a​ Van Gogh by any definition!

However,​ with all the​ great framing and laminating options available today,​ it​ is​ possible to​ turn your favorite dog or​ puppy print into a​ masterpiece that any dog lover would be proud to​ display!

A great option for protecting and displaying your dog prints is​ wood-mounting. Laminated,​ wood-mounted posters or​ prints are chic,​ appealing and appropriate in​ any surroundings!

When you​ choose to​ have your dog poster wood-mounted,​ it​ is​ fastened to​ a​ 3/8 inch wood fiber board and then laminated with an​ ultraviolet filtering film. This film insulates your dog poster or​ print from dirt,​ moisture,​ fingerprints and other potentially damaging elements.

Your wood-mounted dog poster is​ then trimmed,​ beveled and finished in​ black to​ create a​ beautiful,​ elegant piece of​ art!

Wood-mounting is​ available for most posters up to​ a​ certain size. if​ wood-mounting is​ not available for your preferred size dog poster,​ you​ can choose to​ have it​ laminated which will extend the​ life of​ the​ print.

The next time you're shopping online for a​ new dog or​ puppy poster to​ adorn your wall,​ take the​ time to​ consider your framing options. it​ might cost a​ little more to​ have your poster framed,​ mounted or​ matted,​ but the​ final result will be worth it.

You'll have a​ stylish,​ attractive,​ well-preserved work of​ art that you'll be proud to​ display on​ any wall in​ your home!

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