Tripping SEO Traps

The contract arrived and read in​ part,​ "A keyword density of​ 10 percent in​ required." the​ writer who had originally agreed to​ craft an​ article based on​ a​ keyword let out a​ low whistle as​ a​ mental image of​ the​ finished product assaulted his good sense.

In a​ five hundred word article this would mean the​ keyword would be used fifty times. That's not bad if​ the​ keyword is​ 'the',​ but for a​ product keyword or​ phrase this is​ called 'keyword stuffing'. the​ practice is​ not limited to​ online content.

In the​ end,​ an​ article with a​ keyword density that high does not connect well with readers. you​ may ask yourself why someone would request an​ article like this. the​ answer is​ simple - the​ belief that this approach helps them achieve higher rankings in​ search engines. the​ truth is​ this article will eventually be detected as​ spamming and will cause the​ overall site to​ be penalized for the​ 'get rich quick' mentality that requested the​ article.

Keyword stuffing is​ also a​ problem in​ Meta title information and other descriptions. When you​ compromise the​ message of​ your website to​ get visitors to​ your site,​ it​ is​ possible that your site will not have anything relevant to​ say to​ your visitor because it​ reads like a​ foreign language or​ broken record.

Perhaps it​ is​ a​ lack of​ patience,​ but there are many online businesses that can't seem to​ wait for legitimate SEO strategies to​ take effect. Many of​ these individuals will spend hundreds of​ dollars with SEO firms that promise top ten listings. What many of​ these 'businesses' do is​ find a​ search term nobody is​ using (and may not even be related to​ your product or​ service) and optimize your website through Meta titles and other html language to​ ensure that an​ often bizarre term comes up first in​ the​ search engines when that exact term is​ used. if​ you're asking yourself how this helps,​ you​ have just asked a​ very good question.

The old adage that there is​ "no such thing as​ a​ free lunch" is​ true in​ site optimization strategies. the​ proper strengthening of​ your site position takes time,​ instruction and a​ deference to​ honorable SEO techniques that result in​ positive long-term rankings. By taking this approach you​ will also find that your site visitors will have the​ best opportunity to​ take your site,​ products and services seriously.

Techniques like 'keyword stuffing' are generally a​ turn-off to​ both search engines as​ well as​ visitors. in​ the​ end what use is​ increased site traffic if​ you​ have little substance to​ sustain the​ visit and maintain the​ long-term connection with potential clients.

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