Transportation At The Beijing Olympic Games

Transportation At The Beijing Olympic Games

Transportation at​ the​ 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
It seems that everyone dreams of​ participating in​ the​ Olympic Games .​
As kids,​ athletes all over the​ world imagine themselves on​ the​ sports world’s biggest stage,​ competing for glory while representing their countries and their families in​ friendly competition .​

For those of​ us who aren’t able to​ compete at​ an​ Olympic level,​ the​ next best thing is​ to​ be able to​ attend the​ Olympic Games .​
For as​ long as​ they have existed,​ the​ Olympic Games have had an​ appeal and a​ tradition that set it​ apart from similar sporting events,​ and which somehow manage to​ capture the​ collective imaginations of​ people all over the​ world,​ whether or​ not they are normally sports fans.
If you are among those that are lucky enough to​ be attending the​ 2008 Summer Olympic Games in​ Beijing,​ China,​ you are most likely excited,​ but maybe a​ bit stressed out as​ well .​
After all,​ there are a​ lot of​ things to​ arrange and prepare before the​ Olympic Games arrive .​
You may not have quite as​ much to​ think about as​ say,​ an​ Olympic gymnast or​ sprinter,​ but it’s understandable if​ the​ prospect of​ getting around during the​ 2008 Beijing Olympics is​ a​ bit daunting!
With a​ city the​ size of​ Beijing,​ China,​ combined with the​ tremendous influx of​ visitors that only an​ Olympic competition can bring,​ getting around town to​ various events as​ well as​ other tourist attractions can be pretty intimidating .​
It’s vital for an​ Olympic city to​ not only provide great public transportation,​ but also to​ be easy to​ get around for those who choose to​ transport themselves to​ where they need to​ go .​
For those folks,​ there has to​ be ample parking,​ and the​ roads must be able to​ occupy a​ larger than usual amount of​ drivers without causing chaos,​ and worse yet,​ traffic jams!
Luckily,​ the​ public transportation system in​ Beijing appears to​ be ready for the​ rather formidable challenge that such a​ large number of​ new visitors and athletes will bring .​
Not only can you get around for a​ fairly small fee (1 yuan for a​ bus ride in​ the​ city,​ and 2 yuan if​ you’re in​ the​ suburbs),​ but Public Transportation Cards are available,​ even to​ visitors,​ so that you can save money .​
It’s probably a​ good idea to​ take advantage of​ that offer if​ you’re going to​ be making lots of​ trips,​ which you likely will if​ you’re attending the​ 2008 Beijing Olympics.
If buses aren’t your style,​ you can also get a​ quick ride from one of​ the​ over 60,​000 taxi cabs within the​ city of​ Beijing .​
Taxis can be a​ great way to​ travel because,​ although they are more expensive than buses,​ they can get you where you need to​ go quickly .​
Also,​ with a​ taxi,​ you can give the​ driver a​ specific destination,​ without having to​ tailor your arrival to​ a​ pre-set location along a​ bus route.
If you’re still not pleased,​ you’ll probably want to​ go with the​ subway or​ city rails that Beijing have to​ offer .​
For little more than what you would pay for a​ bus ride,​ you can take the​ subway and possibly get to​ your destination even faster.
Of course,​ officials in​ the​ city of​ Beijing,​ China have been preparing for the​ influx of​ visitors for years now,​ and they have made adjustments within the​ public transportation system to​ guarantee convenient and quick travel for all Olympic enthusiasts .​
the​ venues that have been built for the​ 2008 Olympic Games in​ Beijing,​ China have been placed in​ locations that are easily reachable using the​ public transportation system.
Congratulations to​ any of​ you who are attending this summer’s Beijing Olympic Games .​
You can breathe a​ sigh of​ relief knowing that you will be able to​ get around quickly and efficiently,​ even if​ you don’t know your way around Beijing (which you probably don’t) .​
Be sure to​ explore all the​ options available to​ you before choosing your preferred method of​ getting from place to​ place,​ and enjoy your Olympic experience!

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