Traits Of The Dog

Traits of ​ the​ Dog

Loyal to​ ​ a​ ​ fault,​ the​ dog is​ ​ the​ eleventh sign of ​ the​ Chinese Zodiac. Dog people will stand by their family and friends,​ even when they shouldn’t. Sensitive and compassionate,​ those with the​ dog sign empathize with the​ pain you​ feel. They take it ​ as​ if ​ it ​ were their own. This can lead the​ dog to​ ​ make excuses for those who are less than respectful toward them. Dogs will also meddle in​ ​ your personal life,​ in​ ​ the​ name of ​ trying to​ ​ help. They mean well and most dogs will understand when you​ suggest they back off.
Dog people are usually cool headed in​ ​ a​ ​ crisis. They are the​ ones you​ can count on​ during hectic,​ stressful times.
Honest,​ strong,​ intelligent,​ and practical,​ dogs will accept whatever fate throws at them and handle it ​ with poise and grace. you​ can count on​ people of ​ the​ dog to​ ​ do their work thoroughly and well.
Of course,​ there is​ ​ a​ ​ negative side to​ ​ the​ sign of ​ the​ dog. to​ ​ be born under dog influence is​ ​ to​ ​ be idealist. Dog people have a​ ​ very clear idea of ​ right and wrong,​ there is​ ​ very little room in​ ​ their heart for shades of ​ grey. Oftentimes,​ this makes them intolerant of ​ those who show weakness. Dogs do not accept weakness in​ ​ themselves,​ either.
Dog people tend to​ ​ come across to​ ​ others as​ excessively critical,​ even picky. the​ dog will see every flaw,​ and their sense of ​ propriety will not allow them to​ ​ over look even the​ smallest flaws. They are perfectionists.
Dog people will do whatever it ​ takes to​ ​ protect their family and friends and they are unselfish,​ and only want the​ best for those they care about.
Those with the​ dog sign will do well for themselves if ​ they choose friends carefully and remember that not everyone deserves their steadfast loyalty.

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