Training Your Dog Using A Pet Safe Electric Dog Fence Week 3

If your dog has successfully completed Phases 1 & 2,​ he is​ now ready to​ be off the​ leash while you​ are constantly supervising him. DO NOT leave your dog unattended during this phase. it​ is​ not uncommon for your dog to​ associate the​ training with his leash,​ or​ to​ the​ trainer,​ and he may leave the​ yard when these conditions change. if​ that happens,​ retrieve your dog,​ remove his collar and return to​ the​ yard. Many times,​ the​ dog will run back into the​ safe area of​ the​ yard by himself. if​ you​ are unable to​ retrieve him immediately,​ turn the​ transmitter off so that he can return without receiving a​ correction.

After six days of​ constantly supervising your pet while off the​ leash,​ you​ can begin to​ leave him unattended for short periods of​ time. Gradually,​ over the​ next week,​ begin building up the​ time your dog is​ left unattended.

Some dogs will want to​ stay near the​ house or​ may be hesitant to​ go outside. it​ may take a​ few days before your dog is​ confident to​ do so alone. if​ so,​ take your dog to​ the​ safe area and give him some meat treats,​ play with him and give him lots of​ praise to​ show him that it​ is​ safe to​ be outside.

Remember,​ if​ your dog is​ not properly and fully trained to​ the​ electric dog fence - it​ will not work. you​ cannot progress from one stage to​ the​ next without being certain that your dog has fully understood the​ previous stage. if​ you​ are unsure,​ spend the​ time to​ add a​ few extra days on​ a​ stage before proceeding. Remember - these electric dog fences are NOT a​ miracle cure,​ they cannot physically restrain a​ dog from leaving a​ yard. Your dog must be properly trained to​ the​ system (up to​ 30 days) for the​ dog fence to​ work. if​ you​ are hesitant or​ unsure about training the​ dog yourself,​ we recommend consulting a​ reputable Professional Trainer who has experence with electeronic dog fences. Or,​ your local PetSafe Professional dealer.

FINALLY - Two weeks after your pet can safely be left outside unattended,​ you​ may begin removing the​ training flags. Pull every other flag each day until all of​ the​ flags are removed. Once the​ flags are gone you​ can teach your dog how to​ safely walk over the​ boundary - this is​ called "Doorway training". Remove the​ dog fence collar and place him on​ a​ leash using a​ flat or​ slip collar. Encourage your dog to​ follow you​ by reassuring him and praising him. Most dogs will be reluctant,​ but you​ must be persistent. DO NOT allow your dog to​ "bolt through" the​ signal field. Teach him it​ is​ safe to​ cross with you​ while he is​ on​ a​ leash. Use a​ release word such as​ " FREE" . Be consistent and both exit the​ yard and re-enter it​ at​ the​ same point each time. Eventually your pet will associate the​ leash with leaving safely.

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