Training Your Dog To Jump The Rope Trick Simple And Fun Dog Trick

To teach a​ dog to​ jump,​ with your right hand hold a​ cane just high enough above the​ ground so that your dog can easily step over it,​ and in​ your left hand hold a​ piece of​ treat just in​ front of​ him,​ so that he will have to​ step over the​ stick to​ get it. as​ the​ dog grows older and understands what you​ want him to​ do,​ you​ can raise the​ stick a​ few inches at​ a​ time,​ so that he will be obliged eventually to​ jump over it​ to​ obtain the​ reward. Occasionally refrain from rewarding him,​ and thus accustom him to​ jumping without a​ reward.

After a​ dog will jump over a​ stick he can be taught to​ jump over your extended foot or​ through a​ hoop or​ your arms; in​ fact,​ a​ small dog can be taught to​ jump through your arms much more easily than over a​ stick,​ as​ all you,​ have to​ do is​ to​ throw a​ treat on​ the​ ground and hold your arms in​ front of​ him so that he will have to​ walk through them to​ gain the​ reward,​ gradually elevating your arms so that he will be obliged to​ jump before you​ allow him to​ pass. Always encourage your dog by saying “Hip” whenever he jumps.

Rope Jumping

After a​ dog has learned to​ leap he can be taught to​ jump the​ rope,​ but this will require considerable practice. in​ the​ beginning tie one end of​ the​ rope to​ some stationary object a​ few inches from the​ ground and hold the​ other end with your hand,​ drawing the​ rope taut close to​ the​ ground; accustom your dog to​ jumping over it​ while it​ is​ at​ rest,​ and don’t forget to​ use the​ word “Hip’ or​ “Hoop-la” each time he jumps.

When he does this satisfactorily you​ can give the​ rope a​ slight swaying motion and at​ the​ proper moment give him the​ word “Hip,​” and if​ the​ rope is​ not swinging too fast or​ far he will in​ all probability jumps over it.

After he will do this all that remains to​ be done is​ to​ gradually swing the​ rope farther and faster until he learns to​ jump the​ rope satisfactorily. a​ dog which will jump the​ rope standing on​ four legs is​ doing well,​ but it​ is​ possible to​ teach him to​ do so while standing on​ his hind legs; this is,​ however a​ very difficult feat and puts considerable strain on​ the​ dog’s muscles,​ and it​ is​ not always advisable to​ force a​ dog to​ do it.

Retrieving is​ not the​ only game which you​ can engage with your dog,​ try the​ rope jumping game when you​ have got the​ chance,​ it​ can be good exercise and great fun for both of​ you​ too!

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