Training Your Dog Ready To Use Strategies

Training Your Dog Ready To Use Strategies

Training your dog; what fun this can be. Have you​ ever watch a​ person try to​ train their dog? it​ is​ quite comical I assure. When I was a​ young child and my mom and dad were training my dog,​ I always loved to​ watch; at​ least in​ the​ beginning. There is​ something immensely amusing about a​ grown adult spending hours on​ their knees talking to​ a​ dog that is​ staring at​ them with a​ look of​ bewilderment and probably wondering why every time they are told to​ stand up they are again told to​ sit down.

Training your dog is​ a​ long process and can get to​ be frustrating,​ however it​ is​ equally fun when you​ can get them to​ so things like roll over and shake hands. I always wanted a​ dog that would get my slippers or​ bring me the​ paper; of​ course while managing to​ get a​ minimal amount of​ drool on​ either one. Then there are the​ super cool dogs that do things like back flips with Frisbees and all those other cool tricks you​ see done by animals on​ animal planet.
That stuff is​ the​ really cool dog training,​ but do you​ ever wonder if​ the​ dog enjoys all that training. I have been told people train for years so their dogs can compete in​ those contest for swimming and running and catching and the​ other myriad of​ tricks people have invented for man’s best friend.

I really wonder how the​ dog feels about it. it​ isn’t as​ if​ anyone asked them if​ they wanted to​ spend their lives running around lie crazy in​ an​ effort to​ impress a​ crowd of​ judges who arbitrarily decide what makes one dog’s back flip better than another dogs.

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