Training Dogs The Lazy Way

Training Dogs The Lazy Way

Have you​ ever found it​ difficult to​ get your dog to​ do as​ it​ is​ told?
Well,​ today we're going to​ show you​ how to​ train him the​ lazy way,​ and get results every time.

Our first task is​ to​ get the​ dog to​ pay attention to​ us.
How many times have you​ seen someone shout their dog's name with absolutely no response?

So,​ say your dog's name in​ a​ moderate voice without shouting,​ and if​ he looks at​ you​ say something like "Good!" as​ praise and reward him with a​ treat.
Repeat this a​ few times,​ but cutting out the​ treat on​ occasions.
We don't want an​ overweight pooch who only does things for food.
When this exercise has been repeated successfully several times we can make it​ harder by getting the​ dog to​ pay attention for longer,​ maybe 15 seconds before praising and giving a​ reward.
If your dog approaches you​ in​ an​ effort to​ see where you​ are hiding any treats it's best just to​ ignore him.

When we've mastered this we can try it​ in​ different locations and with different family members calling his name and commanding attention.
Just make sure that whoever is​ in​ control gives the​ praise and treat.

Calling your dog's name and getting a​ response quickly and every time is​ the​ 1st stage in​ getting your dog to​ do almost anything,​ as​ once you​ have his attention you​ can move onto the​ next step in​ your dog's training.
From feeding time to​ going out for walks use your dog's name on​ every occasion,​ but remember to​ be sparing with the​ treats,​ and eventually try to​ cut them down to​ a​ minimum as​ a​ special reward.

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