Train Your Pit Bull Terrier Whistle Dog Training

Train Your Pit Bull Terrier Whistle Dog Training

Pit Bulls are an​ intelligent breed that can be taught nearly anything,​ as​ long as​ they have a​ good trainer. Having a​ good trainer doesn’t necessarily mean a​ trainer that you​ hired. Many Pit Bull owners are finding that their pets not only are eager to​ learn,​ but they also gain much when they opt to​ train their Pit Bull themselves. Owners who opt to​ be their dog’s trainer will find that they enjoy spending the​ extra time with their beloved pet.

Many methods of​ training exist,​ and just which type you​ wish to​ pursue is​ totally up to​ you. Depending on​ what you​ wish to​ accomplish as​ well as​ how much time you​ can devote to​ the​ task is​ just a​ couple of​ things you’ll need to​ factor in​ when picking a​ type of​ training for your pet.

Over the​ years,​ one of​ the​ training methods which has began to​ rise in​ popularity is​ whistle training. This type of​ training uses a​ whistle to​ give the​ dog commands rather than using the​ spoken word. Each task is​ allotted a​ certain amount of​ blows,​ or​ pips,​ on​ the​ whistle.

If you’d like to​ attempt whistle training for your Pit Bull,​ then the​ first thing to​ do is​ to​ pick out a​ good quality whistle with which to​ give out the​ commands. Using your own mouth to​ do the​ whistling isn’t a​ good idea. Your pitch would vary,​ and if​ you​ needed to​ give your Pit Bull a​ command from a​ distance,​ he may not hear you. For these reasons,​ it’s best to​ go with a​ good quality metal whistle.

One whistle command you​ can teach your dog is​ to​ come when called. a​ good way to​ do this is​ to​ use his feeding time as​ the​ starting ground. at​ mealtime,​ as​ you​ put his food down give two short bursts on​ the​ whistle. Continue to​ do this at​ every mealtime for about three weeks. Always remember to​ use the​ exact number of​ bursts on​ the​ whistle.

Once you​ have made it​ for about three weeks with the​ mealtime whistling,​ try blowing the​ same command when your Pit Bull is​ not expecting a​ meal. Be sure to​ have a​ nice treat for him at​ the​ ready,​ for when he does come you’ll want to​ reward him with a​ nice snack and a​ reassuring rub.

This type of​ training is​ useful if​ take your dog to​ the​ park or​ anywhere in​ the​ outdoors. By whistle training your Pit Bull,​ you’ll know that wherever he is,​ he can hear you​ and come at​ your beck and call.

Train Your Pit Bull Terrier Whistle Dog Training

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