Train Your Dog The Groundwork

You should start training dogs as​ young as​ you​ possibly can. Puppies learn quicker and far from being cruel it​ helps them to​ adapt and be happier animals. it​ is​ absolutely essential that you​ get dogs into a​ routine before you​ can start any formal training and this should include set meal times and walk times. if​ you​ let your dogs out in​ the​ yard then you​ should try to​ do so at​ a​ time when they need to​ go out.

Some people express concern that training a​ young puppy is​ cruel. However,​ as​ its parent you​ are responsible for ensuring your dog learns right from wrong and performs the​ right actions at​ the​ right time. Without a​ structured life and input from you,​ your puppy is​ likely to​ become down and depressed. Start young and start relatively lightly,​ there is​ certainly no need to​ start agility training immediately but you​ should learn a​ few basic commands. Training your dog can also ensure it’s future safety. For example an​ obedient dog is​ less likely to​ run away from home or​ run out into the​ street. Obedient dogs are usually exceptionally responsive to​ their masters call and therefore it​ is​ possible to​ keep them out of​ harms way.

You should always be prepared to​ praise your dogs when they do something you​ like. Initially you​ may want to​ include an​ edible treat as​ well,​ but in​ time you​ can and should revert to​ solely using verbal praise. By instilling these positive feelings your dog will be only too pleased to​ listen to​ your commands and aim to​ please you. This makes training very easy.

Puppy training classes are excellent for giving you​ the​ groundwork to​ continue at​ home,​ and they also provide you​ with the​ perfect opportunity to​ socialize your dog in​ an​ understanding environment. Your puppy will get to​ meet other dogs and other people and you​ will be able to​ learn how he or​ she copes with the​ situation. Don’t believe that going to​ puppy classes once a​ week should be considered a​ fill training program for your dog though. you​ must continue with the​ training when you​ get home. Try to​ set aside some time every single day to​ carry on​ the​ training.

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