Traffic Generation And Affordable SEO Services

Traffic Generation And Affordable SEO Services

Traffic generation is​ of​ extreme importance to​ your online business,​ and affordable SEO services are equally important in​ securing that website traffic.

In order to​ help you​ achieve the​ type of​ traffic you​ need to​ make your online business a​ success,​ we shall look at​ each of​ these statements separately and discuss what options are available to​ enable you​ to​ attract the​ visitors that are essential to​ your online future. Although there are ways to​ attract traffic other than through search engine optimization,​ it​ is​ definitely to​ your benefit if​ you​ can secure traffic by means of​ the​ free advertising that a​ high listing in​ search engines such as​ Google and Yahoo can provide you​ with.

There are many ways in​ which you​ can make your website as​ search engine friendly as​ possible and improve its capacity for traffic generation. Did you​ notice the​ mistake I just made there? I mentioned websites in​ the​ same sentence as​ search engine. True search engines look at​ web pages,​ not web sites. More on​ that in​ a​ minute. in​ order to​ make it​ easier for me (and you) I am going to​ apply the​ name Google whenever I write about ‘search engine’,​ since although Yahoo,​ MSN,​ Altavista,​ Ask,​ etc are important,​ no one can deny that Google is​ the​ biggest search engine.

Not only that,​ but it​ was the​ first true search engine. Yahoo started life off as​ a​ web directory,​ and if​ your site was not in​ the​ Yahoo directory,​ it​ would not be listed in​ a​ search. Now,​ however,​ in​ addition to​ being a​ website directory,​ Yahoo,​ MSN and Ask are true web search engines,​ the​ same as​ Google. I will explain the​ difference later from my website that you​ can access from the​ link in​ my Resource Box.

For the​ moment,​ accept the​ fact that Google and the​ other true search engines crawl the​ whole World Wide Web for the​ web pages that are most relevant to​ the​ search term that your customers are using to​ find the​ information they are seeking. Did you​ notice what I just wrote there? ‘Web pages’? Not ‘web sites’ but web pages,​ as​ I mentioned earlier. Google and the​ rest list individual web pages in​ order of​ relevance to​ its interpretation of​ the​ words that your potential visitors use to​ find their information. That is​ very important to​ keep in​ mind.

How do they do that? How do the​ search engines decide what is​ relevant and what is​ not to​ a​ character string – that is​ all that your search term is. That is​ another story really,​ but it​ is​ connected with what is​ commonly termed ‘Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)’,​ a​ misnomer for a​ mathematical statistical analysis of​ the​ vocabulary on​ each of​ your web pages.

I say misnomer,​ because LSI is​ not an​ indexing technique,​ but an​ analysis method that uses character strings and known juxtaposition of​ characters,​ to​ determine what you​ are writing about through the​ use of​ contextual relevance of​ the​ whole passage of​ your text to​ the​ keyword,​ or​ theme,​ that you​ have highlighted by means of​ the​ search engine optimization techniques available to​ you. Nobody can make a​ web page LSI compliant,​ or​ ‘use’ LSI on​ a​ website.

It is​ akin to​ saying that you​ can use probability equations to​ write an​ article on​ fly fishing. it​ is​ a​ nonsense that even the​ best known internet gurus believe,​ unless they are lying to​ us and I sure that they would not do that. They must therefore be more ignorant than we believed them to​ be,​ which explains quite a​ lot all things considered. Which of​ the​ two options would they admit to​ I wonder.

You no longer need the​ oft-quoted 1% - 3% keyword density on​ your web page,​ but instead more vocabulary and content on​ your page that makes the​ topic of​ that page clear,​ without any doubt,​ to​ software that parses our page for its meaning in​ additional to​ human readers who can tell that at​ a​ glance. you​ have to​ use more vocabulary than just repeat the​ keyword or​ Google and the​ rest of​ the​ search engines will not list your page.

The most affordable SEO services will provide you​ with the​ small things that you​ do to​ your individual web pages to​ improve your listing position and traffic generation capability. Such services need not be expensive,​ although the​ sites you​ find online that offer them tend to​ charge high prices since they are targeting large companies rather than individuals with single small websites of​ a​ hundred pages or​ less. One technique that they all mention,​ however,​ is​ the​ use of​ meta tags. Many get it​ wrong!

The only important meta tags are the​ Title and Description tags. you​ should also point out to​ the​ spiders what your more important vocabulary is​ by use of​ H tags,​ bold text,​ italics and underlining. Google appreciates that,​ but while you​ might be rewarded for doing so,​ you​ will not be punished for not doing so. There is​ a​ massive difference between breaking the​ rules and failing to​ give a​ helping hand.

Your linking strategy is​ of​ critical importance,​ and you​ must have a​ good number of​ links back to​ your web page from other relevant web pages. Take note of​ the​ two important words I have used there: ‘pages’ and ‘relevant’. I could write 10 pages on​ Google PageRank without doing it​ justice,​ so won’t start now. Just believe me that you​ get a​ share of​ the​ Google PageRank of​ a​ page linking to​ yours (not of​ the​ home page of​ that site),​ and since most linking pages are designed only to​ hold URL links and consequently contain masses of​ other links on​ them,​ then your share is​ practically zilch.

Do not therefore give a​ website a​ link from your home page that reciprocates with one from deep inside the​ directory structure that provides you​ with absolutely no benefit. you​ cannot lose PageRank by providing a​ link,​ but why should you​ give more than you​ get. Come to​ an​ arrangement: you​ will provide a​ link from your PR 5 page if​ the​ other party reciprocates. Not if​ their link is​ from a​ PR 0 page.

There are many more ways in​ which you​ can legally attract search engines to​ your website and achieve high listings and to​ generate loads of​ traffic. There are also many illegal methods of​ doing so. it​ is​ the​ end result that counts,​ but before you​ can even begin to​ understand what the​ term ‘black hat’ means,​ you​ must first understand what SEO means!

Traffic generation is​ critical to​ your success,​ and if​ you​ can find affordable SEO services to​ help you​ to​ achieve that,​ then you​ are most of​ the​ way there. the​ effect that good search engine optimization has on​ the​ generation of​ traffic to​ selected pages within your website cannot be over-estimated and will likely determine your future over the​ next year.

Traffic Generation And Affordable SEO Services

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