Toy Dogs

No,​ you​ don’t wind them up and they don’t take batteries

“Toy” dogs are becoming more popular all the​ time. These little dogs,​ the​ result of​ generations of​ selective breeding,​ are generally bred as​ companion animals and people just seem to​ love them. Their miniature size and playful nature (most toy breeds are good natured dogs with a​ few exceptions) make them wonderful companions and for several years they have been chic among well to​ do people.

Most of​ the​ toy dog breeds hail originally from Asia where the​ process of​ selectively breeding dogs to​ make them smaller is​ believed to​ have begun,​ but there are plenty of​ toy breeds from other areas of​ the​ world as​ well.

Bichon Frise:

A small dog that was originally bred as​ a​ companion dog,​ the​ Bichon Frise possesses a​ boisterous personality,​ is​ very tolerant of​ children,​ other animals and strangers,​ and is​ highly intelligent and very trainable. These dogs have a​ short and curly white coat that does require frequent grooming.


The Chihuahua may be the​ best known of​ the​ toy dog breeds. They have a​ short or​ medium coat,​ are easy to​ groom,​ and possess average intelligence and trainability. They do not have the​ best personalities and are not tolerant of​ children,​ other animals,​ or​ strangers. the​ Chihuahua hails from Mexico originally and is​ the​ smallest of​ the​ toy dog breeds.


The Maltese is​ a​ companion dog that was originally bred for royalty or​ the​ very wealthy. They are natural born troublemakers,​ but are very loyal to​ their owners. They are not at​ all good with children,​ other animals,​ or​ strangers. They’re considered to​ be dogs of​ average intelligence and trainability. Their beautiful coats require frequent grooming.


The Pekingese was originally bred for the​ Emperors of​ China. These little dogs have a​ boisterous personality and are not very tolerant of​ children or​ other animals. They do bark a​ lot and are often difficult to​ train. Wary of​ strangers they can make a​ good watchdog and will bark loudly when strangers approach their home.


The Pug comes from East Asia. Their short coat requires little grooming,​ but the​ folds and wrinkles of​ their faces must be cleaned often. Pugs make wonderful family dogs because they are very docile,​ don’t bark a​ lot,​ and are good with children and other animals. They are highly intelligent dogs and very social.

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