Top Rated Ps3 Games Assassins Creed

Top Rated PS3 Games: Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed is​ certainly one of​ the​ most impressive and exciting PS3 Games ever developed by Ubisoft .​
The same team,​ which created the​ outstanding and popular Prince of​ Persia: the​ Sands of​ Time,​ spent two years in​ order to​ produce this visually stunning,​ stylish,​ and very original game .​
Assassin's Creed offers a​ whole new level of​ gaming adventure with its awesome lifelike animation,​ freer movement of​ the​ characters,​ good graphics and sound,​ and other special features like you've never seen before in​ other PS3 Games.
A quick look at​ Assassin's Creed might remind you of​ other recent and top rating PS3 Games .​
For,​ this game boasts of​ an​ incredibly controllable hero and an​ almost lifelike animation just like the​ Prince of​ Persia .​
Moreover,​ the​ game has an​ astounding medieval setting,​ a​ visually stunning lifelike cityscapes,​ and an​ open-ended game play that is​ very similar to​ that of​ Oblivion .​
The ps3 game also reminds us of​ the​ Thief series for its resourceful,​ independent,​ and inconspicuous hero as​ well as​ the​ anti-medieval-establishment background .​
Then,​ the​ open-ended sandbox world of​ Assassin's Creed is​ also comparably with Grand Theft Auto .​
Amidst certain similarities with other games,​ Assassin's Creed is​ still a​ standout with its surprising twists and it's creative and beautifully designed visual style .​
All these features add to​ the​ uniqueness of​ the​ game.
Nothing is​ true .​
Everything is​ permitted .​
And so goes the​ creed of​ the​ assassin .​
These words suggest that anything is​ possible during the​ entire game .​
This exciting and action-packed adventure is​ set in​ the​ late 12th century during the​ Third Crusade under the​ leadership of​ Richard Lionheart .​
Here,​ you play as​ Altair,​ the​ fearless and powerful assassin armed with a​ sword,​ a​ wrist blade,​ and crossbows .​
The hero is​ surrounded by aggressive threats in​ all places and yet he can destroy them all instantly with his fast and cunning counterattacks to​ his enemies .​
Assassin's Creed,​ indeed,​ is​ one of​ the​ PS3 Games worth playing.
The people's reaction to​ Altair is​ another thing,​ which sets apart Assassin's Creed from the​ rest of​ the​ PS3 Games .​
While the​ hero is​ busy fighting or​ demonstrating his skills and tactics,​ you could see the​ people around visibly frowning or​ raising their eyebrows as​ they watch him .​
a​ perfect example for this is​ the​ scene where Altair attacks a​ random civilian .​
As the​ victim drops to​ the​ ground,​ the​ villagers stand in​ shock while others run away from the​ place screaming.
You might be wondering where the​ hero's name comes from .​
Altair is​ an​ Arabic word,​ which means the​ flying eagle .​
Indeed,​ the​ developers of​ the​ game made sure that the​ character would really live up to​ his name .​
If you want to​ find out why,​ just watch Altair's rapid and swift movements each time he faces his opponents .​
He projects a​ cool attitude even in​ the​ middle of​ a​ big fight .​
Altair is​ distinct from other heroes in​ PS3 games with the​ fact that his movements look so real and good to​ the​ players .​
The game's animation is​ simply visually stunning and lifelike .​
Assassin's Creed is​ truly one of​ the​ best PS3 Games ever created by Ubisoft .​
The whole adventure is​ worth checking out.

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