Top Five Self Coaching Tips For Internet Businesses

Top Five Self Coaching Tips For Internet Businesses

Do new Internet businesses really need the​ services of​ a​ business Coach,​ even if​ they can afford it? Being that one of​ my roles is​ as​ an​ Internet business coach I am somewhat biased and would generally answer "yes" to​ my own question!

Nonetheless,​ it​ is​ possible to​ effectively self coach regardless of​ whether you​ have a​ flesh and blood business coach or​ not.

While a​ student with the​ International Coach Academy,​ I also had a​ demanding full-time it​ career with a​ major investment bank. And during my own transition from salaried employee status to​ that of​ startup Internet business owner,​ I used the​ following 5 self-coaching tips regularly.

1-Be Open to​ Alternative Ideas:

One potential downside of​ the​ social and peer conditioning in​ schools and corporate life,​ is​ that many people automatically resist even considering new ideas. Why is​ this? My experience suggests that these people have learned by experience not to​ rock the​ boat. if​ you​ think this looks and smells like fear of​ failure,​ you'd be absolutely right. as​ a​ solo business owner your challenge is​ to​ notice alternative ways of​ achieving objectives. Practically speaking,​ even if​ only a​ small percentage of​ these ideas might be useful in​ your business,​ they could still be the​ difference between success and failure.

2-Experience Life to​ the​ Max:

Here's a​ saying I recall that brings this into focus:

"there are people worrying about what they will be doing in​ an​ eternal afterlife who have no idea how to​ spend a​ wet Sunday afternoon."

The more richness and vitality you​ can find in​ the​ ordinary aspects of​ your everyday life,​ the​ better equipped you​ will be to​ handle the​ ups and downs,​ and yes the​ occasional boredom,​ of​ running and operating your own solo business. So,​ what are you​ going to​ enjoy doing on​ the​ next available rainy Sunday afternoon?

3-Who Needs More Accountability?:

Probably all us...based on​ what I have observed about effective coaching. it​ comes down to​ this. There are two primary ways I know of​ making real and usually lasting changes in​ a​ Business person's life. Number 1 is​ raising awareness and number 2 is​ taking responsibility.

(Notice that I did not say taking 100% responsibility. - the​ degree of​ responsibility taken is​ a​ matter of​ practicalities as​ much as​ personal ownership.) as​ far as​ self coaching goes,​ taking more responsibility (number 2 from above) invariably ends up in​ applied accountability. Applied personal accountability. Choosing to​ compassionately but precisely observe your behavior several times a​ day can add up over time to​ a​ liberating feeling of​ accepting more accountability and all that goes with the​ territory. Are you​ up to​ this challenge? Just start with a​ basic intention of​ being more accountable and notice what happens over a​ period of​ weeks and months.

4-Get to​ the​ Point:

Getting to​ the​ point is​ in​ danger of​ becoming a​ lost art in​ a​ corporate world where taking responsibility is​ sometimes like being exposed to​ a​ highly contagious and career limiting disease! And that's probably why it​ surprises many new Internet business owners when they comprehend just how many hours in​ their already busy business days are being expended in​ not getting to​ the​ point. in​ this arena I have again found that self coaching works well with simple acts of​ observation. All you​ have to​ do at​ the​ start of​ each activity is​ to​ ask yourself : "what's the​ point of​ this?" Keep asking and you'll get answers. OK,​ so had you​ a​ purpose in​ mind before reading this article? if​ not,​ get one.

5-The Art of​ Polite Conversation:

Internet business owners spend a​ lot of​ time glued to​ computer screens. However,​ there are people out there with whom it​ is​ probably a​ good idea to​ be able to​ have a​ polite conversation with. in​ person,​ via email,​ on​ the​ phone,​ via Skype-chat etc. Whatever,​ the​ ability to​ talk in​ a​ polite and respectful manner,​ and still get the​ job done,​ is​ a​ skill that will never age! in​ fact,​ a​ set of​ basic rules based on​ the​ art of​ polite conversation is​ probably the​ single best thing you​ can do for your own peace of​ mind and happiness in​ your Internet business. Although you​ can probably come up with your own way of​ doing this,​ an​ increasingly famous and incredibly effective method is​ given in​ Dr. Paddi Lund's book,​ "Building the​ Happiness-Centred Business". Go get the​ book out and say G'day to​ the​ Solutions Press folks who publish it!

Top Five Self Coaching Tips For Internet Businesses

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